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Hitting investors is no way to solve the rent crisis riddle

In his regular column exclusive to API Magazine, Tim McKibbin, CEO, REINSW, makes an impassioned plea for governments to refrain from impeding the investors contributing to the ever-shrinking pool of rental properties, while arguing it's also an opportune time for investors to enter the market.

House model with agent and customer discussing contract to rent a property.
The rental crisis appears unlikely to end soon, with more investors currently exiting the market than entering. (Image source:

The focus on the rental crisis

has intensified.

The REINSW has repeatedly made the point that when policies and politicians threaten reforms that add to the burdens faced by landlords, they make investing in property less attractive.

And tenants lose out. We acknowledge this is a tricky point to make when media headlines can more easily – albeit falsely - attribute renters’ plight to landlords’ greed, irrespective of the real-life scenario.


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