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Regional property's party year nears closing time

A year of record-breaking real estate price hikes for regional property markets is finally faltering, with 10 of the 25 largest non-capital city regions recording a fall in property values in the last quarter.

Aerial view of the town of Gloucester, New South Wales, with hills in the background of small township.
Regional property markets delivered huge price gains over the past year but a slowdown is unquestionably underway in most regions.

The regional property party’s not quite over but the first guests are leaving.

After a year of record-breaking profits driven by a flight from cities to regional lifestyle centres during the height of the pandemic, prices in Australia’s regional centres are now experiencing the same slowdown that has gripped the capital cities


In a year of dancing tunes, balloons and champagne corks, the largest 25 non-capital city regions all recorded an incr…