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Soaring rents: The top 20 unit, house markets for investors in 2024

Rapidly rising rents have changed the property investment landscape, and the top 20 location lists in Australia, based on house and rent forecasts for 2024, are a crucial resource for property investors aiming to maximise their returns.

Houses with Adelaide city skyline view in the background at sunset.
Adelaide suburbs were prominent among the best investor targets of 2024 based on projected rental growth. (Image source:

In 2024, the Australian rental market is poised for significant upheaval, characterised by a substantial escalation in rental costs that is set to exert intense pressure on household budgets nationwide.

In this comprehensive analysis provided exclusively to API Magazine and collated by Suburbtrends, it is anticipated that there will be an average increase of 11 per cent in house rents across Australian suburbs.

Even more striking is the forecas…

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