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Inflation tamed but housing costs still hurting renters and investors alike

More than 11 per cent of investor sales across Sydney were made at a loss, putting a different spin on the well-worn characterisation of landlords as scheming and greedy.

View of Elizabeth Bay promenade in Beare Park in Sydney, with residential apartment buildings.
Inflation might be coming under control but housing costs are still rising rapidly, such as the 12 per cent annual rent increase in Elizabeth Bay (pictured). (Image source: Alizada Studios/Shutterstock)

The rate rises of last year appear to have worked, at least when it comes to inflation.

Inflation data released late last month showed either stable or weakening prices for most of the sectors tracked by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in making its calculations.

Predictably, the cost of housing was among the outlying sectors, rising through January. This long-term trend is entrenched and affordability won’t improve without more homes in the …

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