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Gruelling commutes and endless expansion, or more units; it's time for change

Federal and state government policies are doing little to promote higher density living in Australia's major cities and for the sake of the nation's workforce and environment, according to PGS Invest, changes are needed to promote more unit living options.

Wide drone panorama of Bunbury City from the south, accentuating the flat urban sprawl.
Australia's cities have a poor record when it comes to urban density, with Perth the world's longest city, Melbourne's suburbia expanding quicker than the other state capitals, while Sydney is not even half as dense as most European cities. (Image source:

The housing landscape in Australia is at a critical juncture, grappling with a severe shortage of both general and affordable housing options. Despite its urgency, this issue remains inadequately addressed, exacerbating the challenges faced by many Australians looking to enter the property market.

One significant barrier is the escalating cost of homeownership, amplified by dwindling dwelling approvals and soaring inflation that has contributed …

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