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Perth’s affluent golden triangle squaring up to red hot outer suburbs

The Perth property market is widely tipped to continue leading the nation in property price growth for the next few years but will that continued growth come from the outer suburban areas or the coveted western suburbs?

View to Mount Hawthorn and Leederville north of the Perth CBD.
Units in suburbs such as Shenton Park, Cottesloe, Claremont and Mount Hawthorn have notched up double-digit growth since December but house prices have been less dynamic. (Image source:

Perth’s affluent western suburbs may be on the verge of delivering the type of high capital growth that has been the norm in Perth’s more affordable outer suburbs for the past three or so years.

While the very elite segments of the market are flatlining or dipping – think the rarefied air of Peppermint Grove

, Dalkeith and their ilk – signs are emerging that the suburbs between Perth’s CBD and the coast are about to join the property boom party t…

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