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Affordable housing, no stamp duty, pets as people: A futurist's vision of Australia in a decade

Listed among the the world's 10 most influential data visualisation scientists, demographer Simon Kuestenmacher spoke with API Magazine about, among other things, the eradication of stamp duty, the picture of a future Australia and, umm, pets treated like humans.

Jack Russell terrier in eyeglasses looks at futuristic screen display
Housing affordability is tipped to be placed on a leash as the bite comes out of property prices through downsizing and demographic shifts.

Simon Kuestenmacher, demographer and futurist, cofounder of the Demographics Group in Melbourne, has authored a new report that forecasts Australian life over the next 10 years, including how and where we’ll live.

Regaled as a star in data animation and interpretation, reaching more than 30 million people every month through his X account, he’s also about to become a dad for the second time and his own life will be heading in a new direction.


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