Always room to learn more about building a property portfolio

While it is a serious topic, Buyfair Property Group have adapted a residential property to transform it into an educational but fun tool for prospective property investors.

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Australian residential property is the most popular investment vehicle Australians employ to build their wealth.

This was evident in recent data released by RP Data showing real estate almost tripled the value of the second most popular asset, superannuation, with assets collectively worth just under $10 trillion.

There was, however, a recent decline in property values and combined with the rise in the cost of living and interest rates, strategies around the timing and composition of a property portfolio have become more complicated.

“Every man and his dog seems to know best when talking about the property market, but understanding where to source your information is probably what matters most” Matt Ellul, Director, Buyfair Property Group, said.

“Unfortunately for most, filtering through pages of headache inducing data and online real estate listings is not an attractive or even viable option, with the result being many people feel more confused and discouraged than when they began the research.

While real estate values sit near all-time highs, ownership rates among multiple-property investors are low.

Only 6.3 per cent of Australians own an investment property, with only 1.7 per cent owning two and 0.5 per cent owning three.

With life expectancy and time in retirement increasing, it’s important to acquire assets that will offer retirement security.

With life expectancy forecast to exceed 90 years old within the next 50 years, Australians have been encouraged to keep a close eye on how long they’ll be able to support themselves without just relying on superannuation and a potential pension. 

While it is a serious topic, Buyfair Property Group have adapted a residential property to transform it into an educational but fun tool for prospective property investors.

Aimed at informing mum and dad investors and first home buyers through a fun and easily digested medium, five rooms have been turned into learning centres focused on different aspects of property investing.

Even the kids are invited to join in the fun, with cartoon character hunts and a play corner to make sure everybody in the family is engaged during the experience.

“We wanted to create an environment that made property fun again while averting jargon or hard sale techniques,” Mr Ellul said.

The five rooms utilise visual, static and audio lessons to deliver a journey through the property buying landscape.

The History Room

Understanding how property prices have performed in line with interest rates, recessions and population growth is a great place to begin when looking at our market. There are certainly historic property cycle trends that can inform future planning.

The Retirement Room

Understanding how you are positioned for retirement is one of the key focuses of the Buyfair Investment Centre. Our world is changing, and so are our lifecycles. This means starting work later, retiring earlier and living longer, all while our taxpayer to retiree ratios decline. This translates into more stress on governments and employers to support individuals for longer.

The Strategy Room

Learn about strategy and what institutional investors look for when making acquisition decisions. The Buyfair team talk about 10-plus years planning, the importance of property performance and whether to buy new or established homes. Each individual position is unique, so applying the correct strategy is crucial to achieve financial security.

The Money Room

We all know the importance of using money to generate wealth through investment. The money room is dedicated to exactly that - money. Find out what lending options may exist for you while gaining an understanding of how leverage can catapult your property investment journey faster than imagined.

The Seminar Room

Join the Buyfair team in the seminar room with a theatre-like experience including video lessons and presentations to complement the journey.

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