Women leading the charge across the finance sector

In an industry where gender balance is still an evolving concept, Helen Avis' recognition as a finalist in the Women in Finance Awards reaffirms Specialist Mortgage’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Aerial shot of crowd at the Women in Finance Awards 2023.
The Women in Finance Awards 2023 ceremony will be held on 10 November 2023 in Sydney. (Image source: Women in Finance Awards)

Specialist Mortgage, a leading name in the mortgage broking industry, continues to make waves not only for its exceptional financial services but also for its dedication to diversity.

In a field where women brokers represent less than 25 per cent of employees, Specialist Mortgage stands as a shining example of gender diversity and excellence.

Having long been a leader in the field of expatriate and non-resident finance, a niche area that demands expertise, understanding, and a global perspective, Helen Avis, Director of Finance, and her team at Specialist Mortgage have consistently delivered tailored financial solutions, addressing the unique needs of clients residing both in Australia and overseas.

Recently, Ms Avis was recognised as a finalist in the prestigious Women in Finance Awards, having also been a finalist in 2022.

The Women in Finance Awards 2023 are a testament to the achievements and contributions of women professionals in the financial sector. In an industry where gender balance is still an evolving concept, her recognition as a finalist reaffirms Specialist Mortgage’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ms Avis expressed her gratitude for the nomination, said she was privileged to be seen as a finalist in this year’s awards, especially in an industry where less than one in every four brokers are women according to a recent survey by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.

“There are barriers to entry in every industry, but to be recognised as a bit of trail blazer in the industry that I really am so passionate about was one of those moments where it feels everything I’ve done up until now has been worth it.”

A veteran of the mortgage brokerage field with more than two decades of experience, Ms Avis has been named a finalist in the Mortgage Broker of the Year category. The announcement was made earlier this week, recognising her outstanding contributions and positive impact on the mortgage brokerage sector.

“Being in this industry for this long has allowed me to witness and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of finance,” she said.

“These nominations motivate us to continually raise the bar in providing tailored solutions for our clients.”

Specialist Mortgage continues to distinguish itself by maintaining a strong track record of assisting clients with expatriate and non-resident financing. Their dedication to excellence, coupled with their global reach, has made them a trusted name in the finance industry.

The winners of the 2023 Women in Finance Awards will be announced at a prestigious ceremony on Friday, 10 November 2023 at The Star in Sydney, where industry leaders and professionals will come together to celebrate the achievements of outstanding women in finance.

Specialist Mortgage, a part of the SMATS Group, specialises in providing tailored mortgage solutions for Australian expats and foreign investors. The team of experts led by Helen Avis, have consistently provided tailored mortgage solutions to clients worldwide, helping them achieve their property ownership dreams.

With a focus on personalised service and in-depth industry knowledge, Specialist Mortgage has established itself as a leader in expatriate and foreign national home loans.

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