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This may too much reality for your day today...if you are already dealing with a bit of weight today...just save it and read it on a nice day, like a  Sunday!

When you can go out and run a mile, scream at the sky, or just say your choice irreverent word out loud.

If you have a job and a house.  You have a problem.  

You know at least 25-30% goes to the government to never be seen again., that income tax!

Your mortgage is just rent.  Any savings gets eaten up in inflation and ...wait for it ...Quantitative Easing.  That's when the government prints money and dilutes its value.  That's why the Australian dollar is dropping.  All the manufactured good goods are made overseas, and your money has lower purchasing power with a lower Australian dollar.  Stuff costs more.

Also the 10% GST, 

Remember the 30% income tax? 

Well, spend the remaining 70%.  Now cop 10% GST on that.  Let do the math.  10% on 70% is  7%.  .  So you could say your income tax just went up to 37%. .

Now we are assuming that we spend all 70% on GST goods...but look this is not an exercise in rocket science.  But who does not spend money here, seriously? 

Yes, we have  DOUBLE TAXATION!  income tax and GST!  

You pay tax on your income, then you pay tax when you buy something.  Ok, these government people are cunning.

BUT wait!

.if you buy petrol...add 50%. NOT 10% LIKE GST

...and alcohol god forbid add 100%. ...you can buy a liter of vodka in the USA for ...8 bucks...seriously....HOW MUCH IS A CHEAP LITRE IN. AUSTRALIA??  I ts all tax!!

I'm not going to talk about cigarettes...I have never seen an American doing a rollie. here are prices in America where there is tax,  but not like Australia

if you smoke... I do not... but don't look.  It could be less healthy than smoking.

Ok, so we work pay our mortgage, put the kids in school, look after our families.  It's a treadmill!

You can handle it, head down, tail up!  I get it...me too!

But we can work the machine back the other way. 

Reduce tax,  Partner with banks.  Get your assets. liabilities, cash flow organized.

Aim to reduce the tax, use your tax,  use the banks, use the demand for homes and housing, the population growth, the immigration growth, the

Infrastructure growth of the growing nation, Open your eyes, focus.  

You can work this system back in your favor.  Where you control your outcomes and do not get stuck in as simple life of cost accounting.

The country is growing in population at a rate of 2%.  Tha's like...2 Darwins every year.

That is reality. This is happening now!

You are here,. NOW.  This is your opportunity!

You don't need to know everything right now.  you just need al little help along the way.

Just ask!

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