Unique opportunities to start investing in the property market

Traditionally, most people have found their way into the property market by investing in a home that needs some work at a low cost and flipping it to make a profit. Now, the entry to property investment isn’t so easy.

Metricon Display Home
A display home has the advantage of having a big building company as a tenant. Photo: Metricon (Image source: Shutterstock.com)

Traditionally, most people have found their way into the property market by investing in a home that needs some work at a low cost and flipping it to make a profit. Now, the entry to property investment isn’t so easy. 

According to CoreLogic's Hedonic Home Value Index, the median value of an Australian dwelling rose 2.8 per cent in March. 

With houses selling as quickly as they list, there is an added sense of ‘FOMO’ amongst buyers and the strength of the housing market is supported by a shortage between demand and supply.

But thankfully, the dream of investing in property doesn’t have to be swept away. 

Among a soaring property market, there is a unique opportunity to invest in newly built homes. 

Not only can a newly built home allow for the possibility of a return on investment, but it can also be tailored to suit you and your investment requirements. 

Metricon is one such builder that caters to this unique and growing market, with a range of alternatives to property investment that doesn’t require the tense scene of a housing auction. 

With more than 40 years of experience and numerous building awards, Metricon is the perfect choice for taking your first step to investing in property and here’s why. 

The Display Home

An innovative way to enter the property market is by investing in display homes. Metricon offers a wide range of display homes for sale across various build regions. 

Display homes give people the ability to invest in high-quality homes in some of Australia’s best suburbs and estates. 

The most significant benefit when investing in a display home is having a long-term tenant, the building company. 

Any maintenance issues that should arise in your display home will also be taken care of during the display period. When the display period is over, you can start to rent the property out. 

The Dual Occupancy Home

A great approach to investing in property is to consider the opportunity for a Dual Occupancy development built. 

The principle of a dual occupancy investment means you can build two or more homes on a single block of land. As the investor, this gives you the ability to maximise the return from one block of land. 

Between permits and local council regulations, dual occupancy blocks can get tricky. 

So it’s worth bringing on a building company like Metricon to help. They are experts in the field and are trusted sources to ensure the entire process is seamless from start to finish. 

KnockDown ReBuild

Maybe you already have invested in property in a great location and want to improve your overall return. 

A great way to do this is with a KnockDown ReBuild and replacing it with your dream Metricon home. 

Building a new home avoids all the hidden problems from doing a complete renovation, and you know what the timeline and budget will be right from the start. 

By knocking down and rebuilding with Metricon, you have the complete freedom to design a home that matches how you envision your investment property looking. 


Investors can overlook townhouse living options as a profitable investment opportunity. 

Townhouses are always in demand, making them perfect for larger investment projects. Some builders can even become partners in a joint venture, increasing the investment and return value, especially if the partner in your investment has experience in property investment on a larger scale.

Hire a Volume Home Builder 

An excellent option to investing in property is with the help of a contemporary volume builder. Historically, volume builders were considered a one-way ticket to cookie-cutter houses with no character. 

But Metricon is different. You have the freedom to choose fixtures, fittings and colour schemes inside your new home allowing you to personalise the home to your specific needs.

Building with Metricon is an excellent option for property investors looking for guidance in making the right choices and getting the most significant return. 

Investing in property is the dream for many, and when the property market makes it difficult for new investors to enter, the options start to dwindle. 

But with these unique opportunities and the trusted expertise of Metricon, you are one step closer to purchasing up your investment property and reaping its long-term benefits. 

While we've tried to be as helpful as possible, this article should not be taken as professional financial advice. It contains general information only, and you should seek out independent, professional advice before making any financial decisions

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