Top tech tips to keep your home safe over Christmas holidays

From motion detection, 24/7 video surveillance, alarm response patrols and more, technology can help homeowners safeguard their property over the festive season, and beyond.

Modern new home and security door features
An array of subtle and modern security features can help protect your home. (Image source:

Purchases towards home security upgrades have increased among renovating homeowners year-on-year, according to research by home renovation and design platform Houzz.

With the summer holidays around the corner and a potential getaway on the cards, how do you set off with peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken the right steps to secure your home?

From motion detection, 24/7 video surveillance, alarm response patrols and more, Vanessa Walker, editor at has consulted the pros in the community to share ways homeowners can safeguard their property with smart home security.

Digital door bells

Front door bell

A keyless entry option is a reasonable replacement for your standard deadlock, offering both convenience and greater property security.

There’s no chance of losing your keys while on holiday as these come equipped with smart-lock safety features which require a special pin code, fingerprint scan or smartphone tap-to-unlock access.

When multiple incorrect attempts are made, these door bell systems will lock out or trigger an alarm.

In addition, there are options hooked up with video surveillance, so even when you’re out of town, the door bell can capture footage of anyone who approaches the door, where you’ll be able to confirm whether it is a trusted family member/friend or a trespasser trying to enter.

Security cameras

Front door with camera

According to Houzz research, securing the grounds is on the rise, with nearly one in five homeowners reported to have purchased an outdoor security camera in the past year (17 per cent).

Generally, having security cameras installed around the home are a great deterrent to intruders and puts homeowners’ mind at ease.

Most standalone security cameras offer 24/7 surveillance and Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it easy for homeowners to monitor their property and catch a culprit in their tracks from just about anywhere.

Smart lighting

Lighting is a top security-related purchase among renovating homeowners on Houzz, and for good reason.

Best placed near vulnerable entry points, lights when motion activated can spook potential trespassers and also help to highlight passersby to any suspicious activity.

While sensor functionality is nothing new, automated light integrations available today go the extra mile to protect the home. For example, lighting automation systems armed with an “away” mode or similar can help warn off home break-ins.

Whether you’re out for the weekend or longer, this setting can schedule lights to turn on/off, indoor and out, so that it appears as if someone is in residence moving through the home.

Wireless alarm systems

Integrating a robust alarm system can help keep your home secure.

When unusual activities are detected, such as doors and windows opening or glass breaking, an alarm will be automatically triggered and homeowners who are away can be immediately notified.

Alarm systems can be controlled remotely and be either self-monitored or linked to a monitoring service.

If a situation occurs, having a professional monitoring team respond on your behalf to inform the proper authorities will make all the difference, especially if you’re on vacation.

In some instances, the noise of the siren alone can instantly scare off any intruder and additionally alert anyone nearby or else, your neighbours, helping to catch them red-handed.

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