Three suburbs in North Adelaide emerge as investor hotspots

Property investors are being urged to consider three Adelaide real estate hotspots with strong population growth, low vacancy rates and burgeoning infrastructure developments.

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Adelaide's property market has been the strongest performer among state capitals since the pandemic. (Image source:

Successful property investors take a long-term view.

However, they also understand that real estate markets move in cycles and seek to maximise their likelihood of realising short- and medium-term capital growth.

In this respect, I am seeing a trio of northern Adelaide suburbs emerging as coveted property investment destinations, driven by a blend of surging population growth, connectivity to infrastructure and convenient proximity to bustling employment hubs.

A hotspot is the result of three factors combining – population growth, good existing and promised infrastructure, and sufficient job opportunities to sustain the growth in population.

Adelaide's property market has outperformed all others over the past few years.

You’ll notice all identified hotspots are in North Adelaide, thanks to its population growth of more than double the Australian average, good existing infrastructure (headlined by the recently completed $2 billion northern expressway upgrade) and proximity to multiple job clusters.

The substantial influx of investments flowing into pivotal sectors such as healthcare, education, renewable energy and defence, areas set to spearhead Australia’s employment landscape in the upcoming two decades, added to the allure of three northern suburbs.

Thee are the Adelaide suburbs pinpointed as ones ripe for investment now.


Located 35-minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, Virginia has a forecast 8 per cent population growth per annum until 2041 and incredible existing infrastructure. This includes the northern expressway, Metro bus service, several primary, secondary and early learning schools, community infrastructure and an ongoing upgrade of the main street.

The suburb is already seeing an influx of population and demand for housing.

The median house price in Virginia goes for $630,000 and the suburb has a vacancy rate of 0.48 per cent, driving rental yields higher.

Munno Para West

Next on the list of Adelaide suburbs to invest in now is Munno Para West.

Located only 30 kilometres north of Adeliade, the median house price in Munno Para West is $450,000 and the vacancy rate is a low 0.71 per cent.

Munno Para West has forecast population growth of 6 per cent per annum until 2041 and proximity to incredible infrastructure including a public hospital, multiple shopping centres, schools, the northern expressway and a project to develop the suburb valued at over $1 billion with completion estimated for 2027.

Angle Vale

The final Adelaide hotspot I’ve identified is Angle Vale, located a half hour drive from Adelaide’s CBD. With a remarkable 11 per cent population growth per annum forecast until 2041, suburbs like this are hard to come by and represent gold to investors.

On top of this eyewatering population growth, Angle Vale has infrastructure that will continue to grow the suburb, including an existing and future planned medical centre, several schools, rail, the northern expressway and a variety of shopping centres.

A property in Angle Vale averages $745,000 and the suburb has a seriously low vacancy rate of 0.34 per cent.

As an investor, the best way to continue growing your portfolio is identifying these hotspots early and acting.

Virginia, Munno Para West and Angle Vale are all thriving suburbs which are only going to continue to grow.

Like most capital cities price growth in these areas will be stronger for houses than units, reinforcing the fact that the value when investing is almost always in the land.

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Where is the best place to invest in Adelaide property?

API Magazine columnist James Fitzgerald has identified Adelaide's three hotspots worthy on property investors' attention, namely Virginia, Munno Para West and Angle Vale.

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