The Secret To Property Investing Success - Control & Leverage

The Secret To Property Investing Success - Control & Leverage
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Regardless if you're playing the game of monopoly or are partaking in your own real life version of property investing, you increase your chance of success with the number of properties you control.  

In a very simplistic example, if you owned 4 investment properties with an average value of $450K and they achieve capital growth of 7% your wealth would increase by $126,000 in that year.   

Utilising the power of leverage is how you position yourself to have the control of 4 or more investment properties and it is easier than many realise.  If you contact my office we can demonstrate how this can apply to your own individual situation, as it's unique for every person.  

However, in general terms if you buy the right properties, you should have more money in your pocket, which enables you to increase the amount you can borrow and this enables you to be in control of even more properties. The secret is in selecting the right properties which don't cost you anything to hold, and which will increase in value over time. 

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