The Rise Of Women Investors

With momentum building towards financial empowerment, 2018 is going to see a continued rise in the number of women investors.

The Rise Of Women Investors
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Ongoing gender pay disparity has seen women looking at ways to bridge the gap, making strategic investment decisions to build wealth and add to their superannuation funds. Where women once put the needs of their families first, they’re now prepared to commit to long-term investment goals and build a nest egg for retirement. As such there’s been a rising trend towards funnelling income into property investment, with its attractive asset growth benefits helping to compensate for time spent out of the workforce. According to the Property Council of Australia, 47% of investors who own real estate investments are now women - a remarkable increase over the past decade alone.

Investing with confidence

Research shows that women tend to be cautious investors. To help ensure confidence to move forward, they need the following:

  • Education to help them learn how best to move forward

  • Understanding around the terminology of investment language

  • Answers to the many relevant questions regarding how to proceed

  • Expert guidance to help leverage the best results for their personal needs

  • Understanding around the total costs involved upfront

  • How to cashflow the property so it’s matched to their financial capabilities

  • Assistance to create an ongoing budget to ensure there are no surprises

  • Being part of a tribe where they can learn from other experienced investors

  • Learning how to pinpoint locations that are set for capital growth

Starting sooner rather than later

It can’t be stressed enough that starting earlier in life (ideally in your 20s) is the optimum time to invest to maximise your capital growth opportunities. The length of time you spend in the market really matters and you do yourself a disservice by waiting. Someone who’s been in the market for 30 or 40 years will enjoy far more wealth benefits than someone who’s only started to invest as they’re heading towards retirement. The younger you get things rolling, investing becomes a part of your lifestyle and not just a “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an investment?” type wish.

Banishing financial worries with a budget

When I was new to investing, I needed to know exactly how much everything was going to cost before I was happy to proceed. Once the figures were all in front of me, I knew what to expect and what needed to be added in to my budget. Being on top of your finances like this is really the only way forward, with discipline around money a huge advantage in achieving your goals. Prioritising property investment as a long-term wealth creation strategy means that you need to keep on track. It starts with unwinding bad habits around spending and credit card debt, then keeping your finances under control long-term.

Even though on the whole earn they considerably less than men, women are taking advantage of leveraging their income to purchase property. Often it’s just a matter of having a clear path forward and the knowledge to make informed investment decisions for a financially secure future. It’s never too late to start setting goals and taking the right steps forward to make investing happen.

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