Simple Renovations To Boost Your ROI


Simple Renovations To Boost Your ROI
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Looking to add value to your investment property? 

Smart DIY renovations contribute to capital growth and add to tenant appeal.   

Potential tenants or buyers expect the basics; kerb appeal, functioning appliances, plumbing, electrics and solid floors and walls.  

But for your remodelling to pay off, value-added renovations will make it stand out.

1. Invest in low maintenance landscaping 

Landscaping is often the first impression visitors, tenants and potential buyers see.  

It should look attractive as well as be easy and cost-effective to maintain.   

2. Create an energy-efficient home 

Today, climate change and everyday greener choices have become conscious concerns for most people. 

Smart design, technology and advances in alternative power make energy saving much easier to implement in the home.  

LED Lights, Solar Hot Water System and Solar Panels all help maximize your ROI.

 3. Change the floors 

Replace worn carpet and check the wear and tear of floorboards.  

Like a fresh lick of paint creates a big change in a room, re-carpeting or retiling floors makes the space feel revitalized. 

 4. Make an entrance 

Go bold with the front of your home. 

Bold entrances create a grand entry for lasting first impressions.  

Use bright colours that contrast with the home’s exterior. 

5. Convert pergola into an additional living area 

Add space by converting the pergola area. 

Bigger homes usually lead to higher values and outdoor living and entertaining is at its peak in Australia.  

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