REINSW welcomes interest rate cut


REINSW welcomes interest rate cut
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The Reserve Bank of Australia has moved to cut interest rates to a new record low of 0.75%.

It’s a move welcomed by the REINSW, with CEO Tim McKibbin calling it a win for current and future homeowners.

“This decision to cut rates will come as a welcome relief for homeowners servicing a mortgage.

“Recent Corelogic data has revealed at least 7% of homeowners are struggling to meet their loan repayments right now,” says McKibbin.

“This rate slash is also one less economic factor working against people attempting to buy into the property market, meaning more people can realise their dream of owning a home.”

Mr. McKibbin added that he expects banks to pass on the 25 basis point cut.

“The rate was changed for a reason, the big banks should do the right thing and deliver the full cut to their customers.”

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