Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Gold Medal Winning Property Investor?

Commonwealth Games buzz demonstrates the benefits of elite performance coaching - the same high level of support required to become a gold winning medal property investor says buyers agent Julie Crockett.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Gold Medal Winning Property Investor?
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Becoming a gold medal winning property investor and building a sizeable portfolio is like travelling the road to becoming an elite athlete with dedication, time and training required to succeed. Being aware of these sacrifices is one thing and having the discipline to work through them is another, with your level of input reflected in the final result. One thing may surprise you, however - the burning desire to win is not enough. As the recent Commonwealth Games has demonstrated, the magic happens when this drive and determination is supported by an elite performance coach who ensures their athletes are in the best possible condition to achieve medal winning aspirations. It’s here that we see the difference in those that merely run the race and those that cross the finish line first.

Elite performance success through high level coaching support

The vast majority of Australian investors only buy and hold one property within their lifetimes. This creates unlimited opportunities for wealth builders who are willing to go the distance and become gold medal winning property investors - but they don’t do it on their own. Instead, they seek out professional support much like an athlete’s elite performance coach. Within this competitive field, the coach’s role is to correct poor technique, track progress, encourage, support and maintain the athlete’s focus on their end goal. The coach’s skill and encouragement is one of the driving forces behind the athlete’s ultimate achievement and when it comes to property, this role is performed by a buyers agent.

Property investment game changers for highly successful portfolios

Gold medal winning property investors understand the need to engage the appropriate level of support to set them apart from the rest and grow significant portfolios. Their buyers agents help them to understand the road to success: a strategic plan, dedicated due diligence and being prepared to sacrifice time and effort to achieve their end goals. The role of a buyers agent - much like an elite coach - is to make sure you’re prepared and in the best position to purchase the next property. This requires an awareness that cash flow and capital growth are King, acting as the levers that will get you into the next property and the next after that. Central to this is being supported by your buyers agent through the property selection process to ensure it’s able to achieve this essential outcome.

High achieving athletes and gold medal winning property investors have unique relationships with their coaches based on trust, discipline, support and encouragement. This enables them to tap into their burning desire to win and convert it into best possible goal achievement. Now is the time to be proactive and start working on the proven way to achieve your own gold medal. Seek out high level support today, because when you reach the podium - whatever that looks like for your own end goal - you can’t beat the winning feeling that future wealth will provide.


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