Changes to rental laws will make it harder to rent a home


Changes to rental laws will make it harder to rent a home
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REIV President Leah Calnan, has called on the Victorian Government to be mindful of the low vacancy rates across Victoria when it goes through the next stage of rental law reform. 

The REIV has had a working committee analyse the proposed Residential Tenancies Regulation in great detail and has made an official submission to the State Government. 

Ms. Calnan said the REIV is committed to working with the State Government to achieve the best outcomes for all parties. 

“The State Government is intent on putting the reforms through, the REIV has had a team looking at the changes and has made a submission that focuses on getting the best result for landlords, tenants and agencies.” Ms. Calnan said. 

“With record low vacancy rates across Victoria, it’s already incredibly tough for a person to get a rental home, the REIV is deeply concerned that these rental reforms may force landlords to take their properties off the market, making our statewide rental housing shortage even worse.” 

“The legislation takes control away from property owners; many landlords are nervous about changes to the investment property they worked so hard to purchase. If rental housing stocks are impacted further, this legislation will make it harder for a tenant to get a rental home.” 

“If rental shortages continue to worsen, we have great concerns that the most vulnerable in our society will suffer, many families who are unable to obtain a rental home will be forced onto the streets, placing more pressure on welfare groups and charities.” 

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