Aerotropolis Private Investment Critical For Western Sydney Jobs

The Aerotropolis Investor Summit is a positive move to encourage private sector investment into future jobs for Western Sydney, says the Urban Taskforce.

Aerotropolis Private Investment Critical For Western Sydney Jobs
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“The focus on the 10,000 hectare economic zone around Western Sydney Airport as the location for a massive growth in Western Sydney jobs is a good example of the outcomes of the City Deal between the three levels of government,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “And the establishment of the Western Sydney Development Authority under Chief Coordinator Geoff Roberts will lead to faster decision making in turning plans into reality.”

“The range of jobs proposed is impressive covering aerospace, defence, manufacturing, healthcare, freight, logistics, agribusiness and education. Clearly these jobs will be closer to the people of Western Sydney and help redress the jobs exodus from the West to the East in Sydney.”

“The proposed North South Rail Link will help Western Sydney residents have easy access to the jobs hub. The potential expansion of the West Metro from Parramatta announced by the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, at the Summit would link all three cities across metropolitan Sydney.”

“While the Investor Summit has focussed on the issue of jobs there also needs to be more discussion about the residential components of the third city, the Parkland City. With the Western Sydney Airport having no curfew clearly housing will be located kilometres away from the airport and the economic zone. Most commentators on cities prefer a mixed use approach to planning where jobs and residential co-locate to ensure a lively public domain. Future planning will need to address this issue so that the Parkland City can be as successful as the Harbour City and the River City.”

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