2021 tipped to be huge for new home trends

We’ve looked ahead to predict which design trends will have a powerful influence over the way we compose our homes in 2021.

Balcony looking inside a home
Rich textures and comfortable furnishings are expected to be hot trends next year. Photo: Pindan (Image source: Shutterstock.com)

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year like no other. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s this – there’s no place like home.

Australians are spending more time there than ever before. It has become our happy place, a sanctuary to style our way, all to ourselves. So, what can we expect in 2021?

We’ve looked ahead to predict which design trends will have a powerful influence over the way we compose our homes.

Live local, love local

The internet changed the way we style our homes by opening up our retail experience to the world. 

Yet with the recent shipping delays from overseas suppliers combined with a stronger desire to support our local economy, that could be changing.

Next year is shaping as the year that locally made pieces make a comeback. In recent times there has been renewed curiosity in locally made craftsmanship, particularly dining settings that can be customised to our unique needs and tastes.

Follow your natural instinct

The tide of technology has taken our lives to new levels of connection and comfort. And yet our natural instincts still leave us longing for something real.

In 2021, expect interior designers to shelve sleek surfaces and digital prints in favour of rich natural textures and handmade crafts that strengthen the human-nature connection.

Think thick wool bouclés, beautiful embroidery, linen upholsteries, hemp curtains, stone, cork, wicker and jute.

The idea is to embrace the imperfections and appreciate the warmth and character these details bring into our daily home experiences.

Brighten your days

Things may feel bleak at times in the midst of a global pandemic – but your home shouldn’t. 

New season interior design is poised to warm it's greys and whites with different shades of optimism. 

Blushing peaches, pale pinks and soft pistachios are set to make a welcome appearance, perfectly complementing our newfound love for natural, organic materials. 

Deep ochre yellow is predicted to brighten up our lives with its cheerful cosiness, striking simplicity and surprising warmth, while the elegance of dark naval blue is set to steal the show in contemporary spaces.

Sustainable style

There’s nothing like a bit of global perspective to help us see what really matters. 

Another upcoming design trend is sustainable style, where waste and excess (linked with modern furniture and décor production) makes way for a greater focus on recycling and alternative technologies.

Designers are daring to create unique pieces by experimenting with new bioplastics and natural materials like seagrass and corn. 

High style, low environmental impact – the earth will thank you for it.

Putting your home to work

This year also gave most of us a taste of what it’s like to really work from home – and it turns out we love it. 

To the point where many of us wondered why we never experimented with it earlier, particularly given the evolving digitalisation of work and shift towards more flexible working schedules.

Of course, this blurring of lines means we’re demanding more of the spaces we live in, particularly those who live in apartments. 

In 2021, expect to see designers find new ways to integrate clever working areas into home designs that inspire creativity and open up the ability to work in sync with cooking and the kids.

Wonder walls

Walls present the perfect blank canvas to express your unique personality. 

One trend that has exploded onto the interior design scene is abstract face line art – an expressive artistic style where faces and figures are depicted using few continuous lines.

While the art style is not new, the millennial generation in particular has revived its simplistic beauty, often through statement wallpaper flaunting cool monochrome designs and muted pastel tones that shout classy vogue.

This style is so understated it works within almost any interior style theme – expect to see it everywhere in 2021.

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