Why 45 buyers agent companies can't be wrong

Find out why 45 buyers agent companies have joined forces with an A.I. empowered research platform, delegating their core competencies of research, reporting, inspection and asset selection in the process.

Why 45 buyers agent companies can't be wrong
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A growing network of 45 buyers agent companies have opted to delegate their entire research, reporting, inspection and asset selection to nationwide research platform, Ripehouse Advisory.

Ripehouse Advisory uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to shortlist high-performance locations, and specifically target the highest performing properties within.

According to Ripehouse Advisory CEO, Jacob Field, buyers agents are partnering with Ripehouse Advisory because the results since 2015 have been incredibly strong.

“Over 90% of the investments purchased for clients generate more than 15% equity in the first year.

“Since 2015, our suburb selections have outperformed the national capital city average by more than 30%,” said the CEO.

In searching for Australia’s next high-performance growth locations, Ripehouse Advisory uses groundbreaking technology, analysing over 500 million data points, updated three times a day. The platform is then able to predict which of the nation’s 15,000 suburbs are likely to generate the strongest growth.

As of today, only 48 suburbs in Australia are currently Riphouse Advisory approved, meaning they are showing strong signals of capital growth potential.

According to Field, “While the suburb list is extremely valuable, we don’t stop there. We are only buying in about 10-20% of each of the suburbs.

“We are on the ground, adding a human touch to the tech. We know the exact streets in each suburb that are likely to perform.”

At Ripehouse Advisory, selecting assets for a network of 45 partnered buyers agents and their respective clients is far more rigorous than just looking at the data points. First, there needs to be a clear understanding of the ultimate goal of each investor.

“The first step is an in-depth review of you. We need to be very scientific in finding out where you are at and where you want to go.

“Think of your wealth journey as a game of chess. We help you understand exactly which chess piece you need to move next, and where you need to move it,” said Mr. Field.

As part of a strategic assessment process, the platform allows investors, through an approved buyers agent to identify what their best next move looks like.

The process helps investors pinpoint the strategy which will deliver the next outcome on their investment roadmap, whether it be cashflow, capital growth, renovation or development.

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For those with more advanced requirements, Riphouse Advisory takes the process further helping investors assess their specific abilities and needs.

“We also look at your capabilities, risk and aggression profiles when offering more advanced strategies like boarding house conversion, reno for profit (flip), development or commercial purchases,” said the CEO.

While the Ripehouse Advisory network is rapidly growing, Field is quick to point out that the partnership is available only to approved buyers agents.

“While we are the common denominator and our track record of high-performance asset selection is outstanding, there needs to be an alignment, a shared commitment to the client and their long term wealth creation.

“By partnering with buyers agents, we can combine cutting-edge research and give it the human touch, to ensure the best client investment outcomes,” said Mr. Field.

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