Supercharged Portfolios: The Intersection Of Disruptive Technology And Property Investment

Due diligence failures during the sourcing process stop most investors from moving past their first property, but buyers agent Julie Crockett argues this can be overcome through disruptive technology and the right professional expertise.

Supercharged Portfolios: The Intersection Of Disruptive Technology And Property Investment
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Tapping into artificial intelligence to build supercharged portfolios by sourcing properties marked for imminent capital growth, early adopters are moving past the purchasing barriers that hold most investors in the starting blocks. Sidestepping the traditional route of having to source their own experienced and knowledgeable mortgage brokers, finding properties online and overwhelming due diligence, they’re partnering with buyers agents whose use of disruptive technology is keeping them at the forefront of their industry. They’re tapping into a highly effective streamlined planning, sourcing and purchasing process that’s seeing remarkable returns, enabling them to purchase growth-bearing assets throughout Australia. Unlike most investors - whose lack of due diligence means they fail to turn their dreams into reality - this new wave of wealth builders are using the technology of the future to grow their portfolios today.

How artificial intelligence myth-busts the DIY approach

Most people I work with have goals to purchase one property a year over the next decade, but even moving past that first bit of the planning process is where many go wrong. They lack the skills or knowledge to understand what they’d like to achieve versus reality: they want to buy an investment and think it’s simply another Do It Yourself process. With immediate online access to properties for sale all over Australia, what could possibly go wrong? However lacking understanding about just how powerful our new technologies are, even the most seasoned investors who spend all day looking at property couldn’t hope to achieve what’s been made possible by artificial intelligence in its thorough sweep of the Australian real estate landscape. Stuck in the DIY mindset, they’re failing to capitalise on the benefits of getting into markets before they’re publicly identified as the next hot spots and prices start to soar. Once that happens the growth in that market fast disappears and investors are competing with one another and paying top dollar to secure a property.

Leveraging disruptive technologies: gaining professional insight

Getting property investment right is like fitting together pieces of a puzzle because you need a big picture approach as to how it all goes together so you can conceptualise the end result. This is where using a buyers agent can assist with the four most crucial factors in buying an investment property: they help you to develop a plan; they discover the best location to buy to gain maximum capital growth; they understand what property type is required; and, how to undertake the high quality diligence required to ensure everything comes together as it should. As such, when Kelly came to me wanting to buy four properties within four years, her open- mindedness to working with a property professional is what helped her to come a remarkable way in a relatively short period of time. Since we first met in December 2016, Kelly is now buying her third property within 16 months - a remarkable feat for anyone, but even more so for a single woman in her 50s who’s working full-time.

Contemporary property investing - AI’s quick fire approach to supercharged portfolios

Tapping into equity from her principal place of residence as a deposit, Kelly needed the first property to achieve maximum capital growth within 12 months so the bank would lend on her second. Flexible in terms of property type and location, Kelly immediately understood how beneficial it would be for me to source a dwelling using an artificial intelligence software program showing movement in property markets around Australia. The disruptive technology analysed momentum through local government areas, suburbs and streets to pinpoint locations set for imminent capital growth. When the live data highlighted an area on the fringe of a large city north of Sydney - where established infrastructure included a large teaching hospital, university, airport and a diverse economy - I located a four bedroom house on 625 square metres and negotiated a final purchase price of $385k, $34k under the estimated appraisal. Fast-forward to January 2018, when Kelly refinanced to buy her second cash flow positive property (a free-standing villa in Victoria) and I’m now sourcing her third.

Smart investors know the way of the future begins now

For the vast majority of people this artificial intelligence technology is brand new, but it’s how they’ll purchase property in the future. By using this software for Kelly, she now has an incredible portfolio underway that most people couldn’t even begin to imagine. Obviously there’s still a need for rationality behind the excitement of what disruptive technologies can deliver, but that’s why it’s essential to engage a property professional who can further analyse an area to see if it truly presents as a good long-term investment. You’re then guided right down to the street where you should buy and what type of property will work best in that locality, with a capital growth estimation for the first year that helps guide you towards a portfolio building plan. In Kelly’s case, her portfolio’s growth has exceeded all expectations and the insights provided by the software allowed her to buy in an area that hasn’t yet been announced as a hotspot, therefore beating the competition. When it only takes one mistake to lock you out of the market - and stop you from building an effective portfolio - it makes sense to use the way of the future now and get on the road to investment success.

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