Cryptocurrency And Blockchain: The Asset Class Property Investors Can't Ignore

With the cryptocurrency market down at the moment, as a smart property investor, now is your best time to learn about this asset class. Craig Cobb shares why.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain: The Asset Class Property Investors Can't Ignore
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Look, before I get into the details of why blockchain and cryptocurrency is an investment vehicle that you really need to consider, please allow me to start by explaining to you that I have been directly involved in property my entire life.

I grew up in a household where my father was a builder and my mother was driving the investment portfolio, think renovations, developments, knock down and rebuild and all of those wonderful property focused wealth generation plays.

They worked and I still love property, it’s just that now I have become more risk-averse, lending has become increasingly difficult to obtain and diversification has become a solid play in what has become a softening property market.

So, here is how cryptocurrency and blockchain is factoring into my investment portfolio, why it is and where you can learn more.

In 2017, around July, I got the call from a mentor of mine telling me about Bitcoin. I must admit I did roll my eyes at first, but it was one of these very successful business people you have in your life that you respect so when they say something you listen. Having retired from a very successful business life (funny enough also in property building massive developments across many states)  I started researching bitcoin and blockchain and then started buying.

By December my returns were astronomical, and I was doing very well. Fortunate for me I am also a trader, having professionally traded and taught over 10,000 people globally to do the same. So I did take some profits from bitcoins meteoritic rise, but more on that another time. The fascinating thing for me was watching how many people were just buying because others were buying and had no real idea as to why they should buy, other than for pure speculation. They lacked any education and that was a worry.

To give you an idea of the insane gains many were making, in July 2017 you could have purchased Bitcoin for USD $2000, by December 2017 that had increased to USD $20,000 giving a 10 times reward on investment (try and do that in property!). In January 2017, 1 Bitcoin could be purchased for USD $1000, again insane to most. In property, we tend to try to borrow 10 times and in Bitcoin people were making 10 to 20 times with zero leverage and no interest to pay PURE PROFIT. For me it was mind blowing as I am sure you can imagine and with some trading platforms leverage is possible, therefore making these 10-20x returns even more.

Now before you feel like you have missed the boat and roll your eyes and talk about “poppy bubbles” and “dot com” busts and “funny internet money” you need to know some facts. There is currently a brain drain on Silicon Valley due to technology engineers and developers moving into blockchain which is the driving force behind the cryptocurrency industry. Another fact is that this technology is being called the 3rd internet and is becoming as disruptive as the internet was. Billionaires have been made and billionaires are investing into the space. Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, The Intercontinental Exchange and the NYSE are all involved and building/trading these assets.

The fact is that this is not a conversation only being had in backyards and bbq’s the world over, these conversations have moved to the boardrooms of the biggest institutions in the world and it’s getting very serious. Blockchain is not going anywhere!

So what is your opportunity? With the cryptocurrency market down at the moment now is your best time to learn about this asset class. You never want to be buying when the market is running away, so education now is perfectly timed and very much required.

Something as simple as what is bitcoin and blockchainhow to buy Bitcoin, what options you have and how to find out more about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain is all you need to get you on the road to understanding.

It’s simple to understand, easy to follow and very short, best of all for API Magazine readership it’s totally free for the first 50 people. To get access to the free Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Beginners course - click here

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