George Kafantaris

George Kafantaris

Managing Director |

George understands that wealth creation is the primary goal of any property investor.

He has helped hundreds of clients become high net-worth property investors through his unique expertise as a Chartered Accountant, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and Qualified Property Investor Adviser.

Having reviewed thousands of property portfolios over the years and seeing how many portfolios were being mismanaged and not realising their potential, George pivoted his career and focused on helping landlords create long-term sustainable growth and yield through expert property investment and management services.

George and his team have collectively managed almost a billion dollars of residential assets across South-East Queensland. Through excellent customer relationship management, George has maintained a Net Promoter Score above 90, exceeding the industry average of -6.

George was awarded Buyers Agent of the Year by Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) for 4 consecutive years. As a buyer’s agent, George has an excellent understanding of the local real estate market and real estate data, including property values, neighbourhoods and local amenities. Helping buyers purchase properties, negotiating offers and managing the closing process is second nature to him.

George excels in the competitive landscape of Queensland real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent. He has built a reputation for his savvy negotiations, uncompromising integrity, and cutting-edge marketing strategies.

George has built a solid foundation of clients through his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always putting his client’s needs first.