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From foreign coups and humble beginnings to a 46-property empire

As a child, Anna Correia survived a challenging Nairobi upbringing but dreams of the relative safety and lifestyle offered by Australia sparked an ambitious plan that has seen her and husband Melvyn march towards a 50-property portfolio.

Anna and Melvyn Correia and their children stand beside light aircraft.
For Anna and Melvyn Correia and their children the sky is the limit. (Image source: Anna Correia)

Watching her mother get injured by a stray bullet that grazed her forehead during a Kenyan coup, having the family home ransacked by soldiers, and enduring hardships to which no child should be subjected, were among the catalysts for Anna Correia to dream of a new life in far-away Australia.

Growing up in the bustling streets of Nairobi in a family unable to afford a good school was far from easy but it instilled the resilience and ambition that …

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