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Future transport options to effect Perth dwelling values


By Warwick Hemsley A big factor when it comes to dwelling values in urban areas is transport infrastructure and whether there is ease of access to places of employment, services and amenities. Congestion and travel times are becoming a major issue in Perth as our city grows toward a population of 3.5 million people, so increasingly people are taking travel ...

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What do tenants want?


By Jessica Darnbrough As we all know, interest rates are sitting at historical lows. This has helped make the cost of borrowing more affordable than ever before – which is great news for both potential home buyers and property investors. And the good news keeps coming for investors. Over the last 12 months, property prices have continued to climb fairly ...

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Supply now trumps demand


Supply, demand, and sentiment: these are the three pistons that drive the engine of every property market. A large of proportion of the material which property investors research relates to the demand side of the equation.

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Property spruikers and “freebie” seminars


By Angela Young In the October issue of API magazine, part two of our investigation into property advisers takes a deeper look at what you can reasonably expect from a good adviser (hint = not the world!), and offers some tips on what to look out for to give the dodgy ones a wide berth. One of the biggest problems ...

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Get your tax money now


By Bec Mackie The majority of property investors look forward to tax time, gathering their information together as quickly as possible so they can get in to see their accountant and receive their tax refunds from their negatively geared properties, but what if I told you that you didn’t need to wait until tax time to get this money? A ...

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Selling your place of residence rather than renting it out


By Cam McLellan A while ago I filmed a WOD about selling my primary place of residence. Since then I’ve received constant emails asking me why I didn’t just rent it out. Just because your home is a great house where you’ve raised your family and been really happy and comfortable doesn’t mean it will make a great investment. The ...

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We reveal 40 streets with renovation potential


Each month, Onthehouse.com.au identifies 10 streets within a suburb or region that have good renovation potential and the best chance of turning a profit. Check out the hotspots in four suburbs from different states. Some areas have little to no potential to make a profit, regardless of what you do. For example, in a 100-property street, the bottom 20 properties ...

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Have your say in the Biggest Property Investment Survey in Australia


Dear Property Investor,  I need your help! We belong to the peak property investment association in Australia, the Property Investment Professionals of Australia – PIPA.  PIPA is currently surveying Australia’s existing and aspiring property investors to reveal the mood, confidence and key  trends underlying the Australian property investment market. We’d be grateful if you could spare just a few minutes to ...

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What’s driving your decisions?


By Walter Nanni Were in a plane headed for a Dubai stop over while on the way to Lebanon where we’re attending a wedding. It’s then on to Italy to visit family as well as look for an investment property to add to our portfolio as a holiday rental. It’s 3am Sydney time, but we’ve got an hour or so ...

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Why depreciation remains relevant for older properties


By Bradley Beer One of the most common questions specialist quantity surveyors are asked by investors when they call to discuss whether it’s worthwhile obtaining a tax depreciation schedule for a property is, “How will the building’s age impact deductions found?” While the age of a building may make a difference to the overall deductions found, it’s always worthwhile making ...

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Brisbane’s best renovations suburbs


By Dinah Lewis Boucher If you’re hunting for Brisbane’s best suburbs for renovation success you can’t miss our latest issue of API, which is on stands now! In it, renovation experts name their top 22 suburbs for both buy-and-flip, and buy-and-hold strategies, just to ensure there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Here’s a sneak peak for our online readers. A ...

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