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NEWS FLASH - 14 February 2014 - API's audited sales increasing by thousands

Australian Property Investor magazine has had one of the highest jumps in circulation in the latest independent audit report, released on 14 February 2014.

The Audit Bureau of Circulation figures to December 2013 show API's circulation increased by 11.5 per cent year-on-year. This means API had the third highest increase in circulation numbers out of any monthly magazine, only behind Family Circle and Women's Fitness, and outstripped other business titles by a healthy margin.

According to the audit, API’s circulation rose from 23,845 to 26,582. API was just one of a few publications to show growth in this audit period.

What sets API apart from its competitors?

API is Australia's highest-selling residential property magazine.

API is the only Australian property magazine distributed worldwide through Zinio, the world's largest electronic newsstand.

API is one of the top-selling titles in Zinio's Australian newsstand. (The titles on this Zinio page are shown in order of weekly sales volume.)

API magazine is the only property magazine in Australia with its print circulation audited by the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations).

API is the only property magazine in Australia whose readership is surveyed by Roy Morgan.  Magazines with smaller circulations are generally not included in Roy Morgan magazine readership surveys.

Readership and circulation

According to the latest Roy Morgan Readership Survey for the 12 months to December 2013, API has an average monthly readership of 109,000.

API magazine's ABC-audited average monthly Australian sales for the period July-December 2013 were 26,582 - an 11.5% increase on the same period the previous year, and confirming API's position as Australia's third fastest-growing magazine during this audit period.

API magazine has over 11,000 subscribers.

In addition to the audited figure, API has over 1,000 digital subscribers as well. This figure is growing rapidly.

Most of these readers are planning to buy property soon.

Do they know about YOUR business?

As an API advertiser, you're in good company.

API is recognised as an effective advertising solution by a wide range of companies around Australia and the world, in many different industries. Our ad placements come from advertising agencies as well as direct bookings from clients.

Recent and past API advertisers include major banks such as Macquarie, NAB, ANZ, Bankwest and HSBC, Federal and State Government Departments, blue-chip developers and premier project marketers including FKP, Defence Housing Australia, Devine, AV Jennings, and Colliers International.

National brands outside the property industry like Mazda and Bose sound systems also advertise in API.  Why? Because they've 'crunched the numbers' and discovered that API is a very cost-effective way to reach a high-income, high-net-worth market for premium products and high-ticket items.

Many companies have advertised regularly in API for years, because they’ve learned from experience that we deliver results - not empty promises.

Target market

If your business provides goods or services of interest to property investors and/or home buyers (or high net worth individuals generally), advertising your business in API could prove to be a very cost-effective way to boost your turnover and get your phone ringing with new enquiries.

API magazine is targeted primarily at home buyers and rental property investors, with a secondary target of property professionals. Most API readers are planning to purchase property in the near future. Many plan to build and/or renovate. Australian Property Investor is also proving invaluable to investors planning to buy property outside their local areas (such as Australians buying/moving interstate and overseas investors buying in Australia) as it provides them with information about markets, developments, property services, etc. in the area they're buying in. This information may be hard to find in their local area.

Advertising opportunities

Australian Property Investor provides a unique opportunity to directly target prospective buyers of both homes and investment properties. Some products/services/advertisers likely to benefit most from API's particular readership would include:

  • Property itself (e.g. real estate agents, property developments & projects, display homes)
  • Financial/insurance services (banks, credit unions, finance and insurance companies)
  • Professional services (solicitors, accountants, financial advisors, property consultants)
  • Building/renovation services (architects, builders, trade services)
  • Building/renovation products (e.g. new bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, tiles, paint, etc.)
  • Information (books, seminars, software related to property investment)

If you're serious about marketing to property buyers and investors, give us a call today. We'll help you develop an effective, carefully targeted national advertising campaign.

Expose your business to overseas investors planning to buy Australian property!

API has hundreds of overseas subscribers and is available in bookstores and magazine outlets throughout Asia. API is also available in electronic format via Zinio, which is a big bonus for our overseas readers - and our advertisers who want to reach them.

Here's a interesting excerpt from an article in The Age newspaper on April 27, 2010 entitled "Taiwanese solution to soaring house prices: don't have kids":


news article


Here's a link to the full article.

It's all about asking the right questions...

To help you make an informed advertising decision, here are four vital questions to ask any publication you're considering advertising in:

1. Is your circulation ABC-audited? If not, why not?

2. How many subscribers do you have?

3. Your media kit quotes a distribution (print run) of X, but makes no reference to actual sales. How many copies of your last issue did you actually sell through newsagents? (Compare these to API's audited circulation figures.)

4. Your media kit quotes a distribution (print run) of X. What was your actual print run for the last issue you printed? What will be the print run for the issue I'm planning to advertise in? (Many magazines change their print run each month, so the distribution figure in a media kit may be outdated.)

Media kit

Want to know what type of readers we have, and what they're planning to buy? Contact Scott Rowe at or (07) 3335 2907 for a copy of the API media kit.

NOTE: All information on this page (circulation, etc.) is subject to change without notice. Please contact Scott Rowe at or (07) 3335 2907 for the most recent figures.

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Artwork specifications

Details for supplying artwork to the magazine can be found on our advertisement specifications page.

Other advertising and marketing options

Additional options include online advertising and bulk magazine and subscription purchases.