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    We meet the investors building big portfolios despite small wages and learn the top tips from the experts…

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  • Mydevelopment_JugginglingAct_feature

    A perfect juggling act

    Brendon Ansell knows a good deal when he sees one, which is why the Brisbane developer has taken on three projects at once. In his view, there has never been a better time. []

  • Giving back – an investor’s NRAS strategy


    A financial blow for Redom Syed's parents seven years ago motivated this young investor to intervene. It also launched him into buying his first investment - a home for his parents. []

  • Taking shape


    Scorching weather, unsightly power lines, alterations on the run and quality control – all important considerations as the Woodville development is transformed from four concrete slabs to four townhouses on the rise. []

  • A slice of the pie


    Cameron Bloomfield was part of a 12-person investor group that manufactured a profit of $1.055 million – or $87,000 each – in just 22 months. []


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  • essential_property_advice_article

    Intelligence Analyst brings exciting new product to market!

    As an Intelligence Analyst and highly experienced Independent Buyers Agent that has purchased over $15 million worth of property for clients in the past 12 months, I regularly get calls from investors asking us to keep an eye out and call them when we see a great deal.

  • How your credit history affects your mortgage application


    When assessing your mortgage application, lenders base their decisions about whether or not to approve your loan on many factors

  • 5 little known strategies successful investors use


    Successful property investing has 2 essential components: finding the right property and having the right loan strategy for your property portfolio.

  • Top 10 tips for buying off the plan


    Buying property off the plan is becoming an increasingly more popular choice, helped by its wealth of benefits and affordability, compared to buying an established property. With just a 10% deposit required, it’s easy to see why owner occupiers and savvy investors are attracted to this property option.

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