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    We meet the investors building big portfolios despite small wages and learn the top tips from the experts…

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    Changes for OTP foreign buyers rely on broken supply argument

    The government's proposed changes to allow a foreign investor to purchase an off-the-plan dwelling when another foreign investor has failed to reach settlement is deploying a familiar narrative about foreign investment increasing housing supply and making “housing more affordable for more Australians”…

  • Bending the rules can help stop urban sprawl


    The story of Perth’s low-density composition and growth is well understood. The increasingly urgent need to develop infill housing for a growing population that results in a more compact city form forms an inevitable part of the discussion about density…

  • Preserving cities: how ‘trendies’ shaped Australia’s urban heritage


    The Australian Ugliness, Robin Boyd wrote in 1960, incorporated the “background ugliness” of Australia’s cities: a suburbia of unloved veneer villas, wanton little shops and big worried factories… the kinds of suburban places that now sell at auction for six or seven figures.

  • Partnership to help Airbnb hosts at tax time

    RENT Airbnb-hammock

    Partnership will see H&R Block tax accountants provide discounted tax services and specialist tax tips to Airbnb property hosts…

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  • katie king feature image

    Ask and you’ll receive

    This young gun’s not afraid of picking people’s brains to find out all she can about investing – and even her financial adviser father’s impressed with her achievements! []

  • My property development – steep profit on a splitter block


    There ain’t no mountain high enough (or slope steep enough) for Amy and Jason Jaffers. They turned a block nobody wanted into $110,000 profit in less than a year. []

  • Property investing on a low income – 10 ways to make it happen!


    Some people think property investing is just for the wealthy, but that’s not the case. If you’re on a low income don’t be disheartened – you can still invest! You might just have to be a bit more creative. API has come up with 10 powerful strategies to help low income earners step onto the property ladder. []

  • Looking past stigma for the sake of potential


    Where can you find a low entry price, healthy rent return and potential to add value? One investor couple discovered this winning combination in a town some might have avoided. []


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  • essential_property_advice_article

    Intelligence Analyst brings exciting new product to market!

    As an Intelligence Analyst and highly experienced Independent Buyers Agent that has purchased over $15 million worth of property for clients in the past 12 months, I regularly get calls from investors asking us to keep an eye out and call them when we see a great deal.

  • How your credit history affects your mortgage application


    When assessing your mortgage application, lenders base their decisions about whether or not to approve your loan on many factors

  • 5 little known strategies successful investors use


    Successful property investing has 2 essential components: finding the right property and having the right loan strategy for your property portfolio.

  • Top 10 tips for buying off the plan


    Buying property off the plan is becoming an increasingly more popular choice, helped by its wealth of benefits and affordability, compared to buying an established property. With just a 10% deposit required, it’s easy to see why owner occupiers and savvy investors are attracted to this property option.

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