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January 30, 2015

12 lessons property investors should remember

I see every year as a time for learning and personal development.
That’s one of the best parts of being involved in the property markets.


I’m learning from my clients, both the successful ones and the not so successful ones; I’m learning from my professional colleagues and mentors and I’m learning from my own successes and failures.
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January 23, 2015

What to expect from property in 2015

Last year was a great year for many property investors.
In fact I believe it’ll be one of those years where those who didn’t get into the property markets will look back with regret.


Interestingly, although many of us started 2014 with confidence, over the year our markets gave us a few reminders not to get too “cocky”. Overseas the markets were turbulent and back home inflation rose, unemployment crept up and consumer confidence dropped like a stone.
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December 19, 2014


At the end of each year I like to look for a label to describe our property markets and this year I planned to call 2014 ‘The Year of the Property Investor’.


The year finished with property investors taking out around 50 per cent of all new loans, the highest percentage on record, and many investors had a great year.
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December 12, 2014

Should we listen to Kiyosaki?

Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warns investors to avoid real estate. Is he right?


Robert Kiyosaki has been wandering around the country telling anyone who’ll listen to him that the Australian property bubble is about to burst.
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December 5, 2014

Fifteen wealth myths holding you back

Money doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. No matter what you did yesterday, today begins anew and you have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else to become wealthy.


Yet the sad reality is that the majority of Australians will never achieve financial freedom. On the other hand, a small group of Australian property investors are becoming very wealthy.
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November 28, 2014

If you were a bank, would you lend you money?

Would you lend money to yourself?
What criteria would you use to decide if it’s worth taking the risk lending you money?


If you plan to apply for mortgage finance, be it for your new home or an investment property, it would be helpful to understand the criteria lenders use to assess your loan application to improve your chances of getting the loan you want.
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November 21, 2014

Five mistakes investors make without a buyers’ agent

Investors have access to unprecedented amounts of information to help them make their property-buying decisions. At the click of a button, you can review real estate sales data, capital growth history and rental statistics.


It makes it easy to justify being a lone ranger in the hunt for your first – or next – investment property.
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November 13, 2014

What are the property ‘hotspots’ for 2015?

I was recently contacted by a journalist from one of the major daily news sites asking for my thoughts on this topic and to update my comments in an article in which I was quoted earlier this year.



Apparently the article he wrote last January on the property hotspots for 2014 was one of the most popular on his website and now, coming to the tail end of the year, it seemed opportune for an update.

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November 7, 2014

Five things smart property investors know

Just because you’ve taken the leap from homeowner to property investor, doesn’t mean your financial fortune is assured.


In fact, it doesn’t even mean that you’ll start making a profit in the short term or that you’re on your way to owning a sizeable portfolio.

The reality is that around 20 per cent of those who get involved in property investment sell up within the first year or so and close to half sell their property within five years.
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October 31, 2014

Hot air can’t burst a housing bubble that doesn’t exist

If I’ve read one story about a possible housing bust in Australia, I’ve read a hundred.


Barely a week goes by without another breathless warning from some property pessimist, columnist or overseas economist about a looming price collapse.
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