Software Downloads

Some vital (demonstration) software downloads for all property investors:

Property Investment Analysis (PIA)

POSH (Property Owner System)

The file which you download will be a self-extracting installation routine. Once it has downloaded, you will need to double-click it to run the installation process and follow the onscreen directions.

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Property Investment Analysis (PIA)

Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Software PIA is available in two different versions to run on Windows:

PIA Personal ProfessionalPIAfpu (fpu = for personal use) — is a powerful version designed for personal use only. This version includes spreadsheets for home-loan analysis, linked loan analysis, and a wealth builder for interactively building a property portfolio over a number of years. It also has extensive graphics, a suite of property and finance calculators, and a wide array of report options.

Windows Download PIA Personal Professional for Windows (2 Mb).

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PIA Professional PIApro (pro = professional) — for industry professionals who want to use PIA to help investors understand all the benefits and implications of investing in property. This version has all the features of the PIA Personal Professional plus additional client-related features (e.g. the ability to print your firm's name and the client's name on the reports), a site license for the software and copies of the three Building Wealth books.

Windows Download PIA Professional for Windows (2 Mb).

The PIA Quick-Start Guide (Acrobat PDF file 455k) runs through a typical example using the software.

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POSH (Property Owners System)

Professional Analysis of Property Investments – let POSH help you grow your property portfolio.

POSH - the professional Property Owner System designed for people who are planning to purchase properties or already own properties.

POSH analyses properties just like shares, by comparing:
Gross / net yields; Dollars per sqm; Before and after-tax cash flow; Capital growth; Internal rate of return; PE ratios.

Analyse every property and rank a potential purchase against others to make the best possible investment.

POSH manages properties by tracking:
Income & expenditure; Tenancy & lease; Mortgage & refinance; Loan interest; Annual depreciation schedules. POSH provides up-to-date financial status at your fingertips.

Windows Download POSH 10-day demo for Windows Personal Edition - standard edition. (17 Mb).

Windows Download POSH 10-day demo for Windows Personal PLUS Edition - includes an additional shares portfolio management function. (17 Mb).

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