June 2013

Tax spreadsheet

In order to claim computers, internet, phone, home office expenses and your car under the 5000-kilometre method you need to at least have started your travel diary before the end of the financial year. Download this free spreadsheet to help you keep these records and a travel diary.

Download spreadsheet (130 KB). 

May 2012

Free template

Use this special 'scope of works' template to ensure you and your tradies are on the same page and that they can give you an accurate cost on the work to be performed.

Download PDF (114 KB). 

May 2010

Portfolio tracker

Jane Slack-Smith, principal of Investors Choice Mortgages, says spreadsheets are a simple and useful tool to keep track of how your properties are doing and whether they're meeting your goals.

API's May 2010 issue includes an article on how to create basic spreadsheets to assist with property selection and portfolio tracking.

Slack-Smith has made a more complex - and powerful - spreadsheet available for API readers to download.

The spreadsheet allows investors to put in monthly expenses for each of three properties, and track their performance over time. Download the spreadsheet by clicking here.

Alternatively, investors can download a free investment property calculator from here.

Complex property investment analysis software is also available from