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March 21, 2016

Navigating the changing residential property market

Property Experts Briefing: April 14 – 6pm
Rydges World Square, 389 Pitt St, 
Sydney NSW

We’re living in a world where one day we’re warned housing prices will crash – and the next day the media reports the opposite. But one thing is for sure; Australia’s obsession with residential property is impossible to shake.
Top industry experts will share their knowledge of the current trends and tactics at a special ‘micro‐conference’ guaranteed to equip you with essential tools for finding your way around the complex residential property development.
There is no better time to listen to the latest advice and tips from experts in the residential development market.
On April 14, three top industry experts will be sharing their thoughts at the ‘Navigating the Changing Residential Property Market’ micro conference.BusinessDirectory_logo_constructiveevents160
This FREE conference will cover the key business challenges that property developers and investors are facing and give advice about how to manage the changing environment. And,
designed for the time‐poor among us, the conference will run just 90 minutes.
The conference aims to help build a community of professionals in the corporate property industry with the ability to share knowledge and create a credible network that shares invaluable industry advice and all‐important referrals.
Justin Palasty, Project Manager for Formacon Building, said the conference will give people a valuable insight into the property industry, working to dissect what is really going on. “We aim to give people a true picture of what the market is doing right now, what it’s likely to do in the future and how to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools that are necessary for success,” said Palasty.

The experts:
Jason Field
Topics: what’s affecting valuations, what a valuer is looking at, how to get the correct valuation.
Mark Stevenson
Topics: changing financing landscape, looking at different funding options, the future of
Justin Palasty
Topics: design, construction and specification tactics. Price guide; whether to spend less or

Location: Rydges World Square, 389 Pitt St, Sydney NSW
Time: 6pm – Registration ‐ 6.15pm
Register now at: www.constructiveevents.com.au

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