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Established in 1997, Australian Property Investor Magazine is one of Australia’s leading property information brands. At the heart of our innovative online publication, we are passionate about protecting the interests of our audience of investors, homebuyers and property professionals by providing the best property market education, information and research.

Following over 24 years of API tradition, investor stories continue to be a prominent feature of the platform. Through step-by-step examples, outlining real-life strategies, audience members can learn from and emulate the success of those who have already achieved.

Our technologically advanced website delivers current state and suburb specific data and market analytics. Through our research division, we are dedicated to helping subscribers identify the latest investment hotspots geared to outperform the market.

Members gain free exclusive access to our investment toolbox, including tax and finance calculators and investment strategy support. VIP invites to events, seminars, online groups, workshops, property expos and exclusive pre-launch projects are also offered as a part of our subscription.

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We are proud of our continued contribution to Australian homebuyers and investors, assisting our audience in prospering in their wealth creation journeys. Join us through 2022 and beyond as we expand our offerings.

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