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Women closing property investment gap but disparities remain

Perhaps the biggest transformation in the composition of property investors in the past decade is the proportion of female investors entering the property market.

Woman enjoys the nature while sits on sunbed on wooden terrace near the modern house with panoramic windows near pine forest while hugs her pet dog.
Poverty rates are 42 per cent among Australian renters over 65, compared to just 6 per cent for homeowners.

The real estate price boom of the past 18 months

has been a windfall for those already in the market who have seen values skyrocket, but tricky for those looking to enter the investment market, especially women who are disadvantaged by the gender pay gap.

As the period of low-interest rates is projected to wind down in 2022, it’s leaving a huge inequality gap in its wake.

For those women who have been investing for decades, it’s a different sto…