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Four lessons the 'rentvestor generation' has taught us

If you’ve heard the term rentvesting mentioned in your social circles or in the news, but you’re still undecided on whether it is the right strategy for you, here are four lessons that the ‘rentvestor generation’ has taught us.

Young couple signing a contract for an investment property
Many young Australians are finding investment success elsewhere while they live in their dream suburb. Photo: Shutterstock

Is the ‘Great Australian Dream’ dead? Some would argue yes, but this is not necessarily the case. 

While home ownership has fallen to 66 per cent of Australians, which is the lowest proportion since the ABS started the data series in 1994, a big number of Gen Ys have cottoned on to a new wealth creation strategy in recent years, which is now only becoming popular among the rest of the population. 

With increasing property prices, rentvesting is…