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Latest Outer Suburbs Investment News

Outer city property outpaces regional and inner-city rivals

Property in the outer city – that sweet spot where land size, demand and infrastructure investment collide – is your best bet for achieving solid capital growth in the long term and maximising your rental returns and tax deductions along the way.

Aerial photo of houses in Melbourne's outer suburb of Ringwood with train passing by
Lower entry prices and higher yields make well-connected outer suburbs such as Melbourne's Ringwood a compelling investment proposition. Photo: Shutterstock

Property investment remains firmly in the spotlight and the media is littered with tales of eye-watering prices being paid for tiny unliveable homes in the inner city.

Similarly, the skyrocketing gains being achieved in some regional areas have captured national attention as COVID-19 sparks a 21st Century sea and tree change.

It’s enough to lead you to believe that if you’re not in the centre of town you should head for the hills to maximise yo…