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Easy Bathroom Reno Tips For Your Investment Property

Easy Bathroom Reno Tips For Your Investment Property

6 Easy Bathroom Renovation Tips For Your Investment Property

Reconsider tiles

Good tiling jobs can be expensive.  To avoid the hassle, consider re-grouting existing tiles instead of replacing them. You can still create appeal for less, consider only tiling feature walls in wet areas like behind the bath and in the shower space.

Use a concrete floor finish

After luxury without the price tag? Concrete flooring with a new finish is raw, rustic and elegant way to make a statement.

Install dual-purpose accessories

Maximise and prioritise functionality with fixtures, fittings and accessories. Consider dual-purpose accessories for storing products or mirrors that act as a centerpiece while providing function.

Add storage

Storage space is crucial for every bathroom but often the most overlooked consideration.

Focal point lighting

Interesting pendants and other bathroom lighting ideas are an easy update that creates a quick, effective focal point.

Minimal and modern

Minimalist bathrooms are an ongoing theme, with more people finding ways to de-clutter and organise.



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