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6 Easy Bathroom Renovation Tips For Your Investment Property
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6 Easy Bathroom Renovation Tips For Your Investment Property


Romans created bathhouses as a way to socialise and relax. Regardless of whether you have a bath or not, your bathroom should be a space to do just that – relax. A tranquil oasis that encourages comfort, increases tenant appeal, bathroom beauty and the value of your house. 

In 2019, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) found the average cost of a bathroom renovation amounted to $19,553. But there are cost-effective improvements you can make that don’t break the bank or compromise on quality and style. 

If you’re on a budget or want a better bathroom space sooner, try these simple but creative renovation ideas. 

1. Reconsider tiles

Good tiling jobs can work out expensive. It’s a time-consuming process where it pays to hire a professional and you shouldn’t be cutting corners. Complete designs, such as herringbone and mosaic patterns can cost $200+ per square metre and be more expensive to lay. Installation also works out pricey for site preparation, labour, glue and grout.

To avoid the hassle, consider re-grouting existing tiles instead of replacing them. Floor-to-ceiling wall tiles are a luxury bathroom trend. But you can still create appeal for less, by restricting tiling to half the wall length or consider only tiling feature walls in wet areas like behind the bath and in the shower space. 

2. Use a concrete floor finish

After luxury without the price tag?

Concrete flooring with a new finish is raw, rustic and elegant way to make a statement. The material works well in bathrooms for the same reasons as ceramic tiles.  It is durable, low-maintenance and cannot suffer water damage. It’s also a sustainable option, especially if you’re exposing an existing concrete slab. 

For a vibrant finish, staining concrete floors has a creative outcome with different colours and application techniques. If you’re pouring concrete over an existing slab, you also have the option to add heat via electric wiring or hot water tubes for extra comfort.  

3. Install dual-purpose accessories 

Maximise and prioritise functionality with fixtures, fittings and accessories. These make a big impact when you’re working with a small budget bathroom renovation. 

Consider dual-purpose accessories like shower lockers for storing products or mirrors that act as a centrepiece while providing function. Resurface an old bath or sinks for a new look, replace the shower screen, taps and doorknobs. Add a practical feature, such as a heat lamp or heated towel rails. 

Tip: Don’t blow your budget on pricey mirrors, tapware, basins and towel racks. Instead, invest money into cabinetry, dual-purpose accessories, toilet and bathtub (if you’re going to include one). Replacing the showerhead with a wide-headed rain shower or a fixture with dual-attachments will boost interest too. 

4. Add storage

Storage space is crucial for every bathroom but often the most overlooked consideration. 

Consider a wall hung vanity to free up floor space, giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Install built-in cabinets and add a shelf below the sink. If you’re choosing a new vanity, ensure it has plenty of storage and practical functionality. Floating vanities are a good addition to a spacious modern bathroom and can be as simple as a single drawer and benchtop or two vanities set apart. 

5. Focal point lighting 

Interesting pendants and other bathroom lighting ideas are an easy update that creates a quick, effective focal point. 

Line mirrors with LED strips for mood-enhancing lighting, replace lighting fixtures and add more light bulbs for a cosy, versatile space. Bathrooms rarely work with a single globe in the middle of the room. Think overhead general lighting, task lighting, vanity lighting and accent lighting to show off recess areas. 

Tip: Introduce natural light and the impression of more space with skylights. For a more inexpensive way, use solar-tubes to brighten up the bathroom 

6. Minimal and modern 

A well-styled bathroom is minimal and modern. 

Choose neutral tones and light colours, paired with light wood and dark grey tones. Minimalist bathrooms are an ongoing theme, with more people finding ways to declutter and organise. Walk-in showers with frameless screens, freestanding baths, wall-mounted faucets and hidden-tank toilets are all features of a state-of-the-art bathroom that can be achieved on tighter budgets and timelines. 

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