SINCE 1997
Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward

Chartered Accountant | The Investors Way

As a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Company Secretary and Director I spent more than 25 years in finance roles and most recently as CEO.

With a keen interest in financial freedom, I started attending wealth creation courses and reading books that proclaimed to have the secret to wealth back in 1996.

After attending a number of seminars that were more hype than content, I thought I had all the information necessary to be successful.

Fortunately (that’s not a misprint) for me these books and courses didn’t contain the magic secret, but they did prepare me for the journey ahead. What I have discovered in the 20 years since the first seminar is now reflected throughout this website.

I am on a mission to change the money outcomes of one million people. By teaching you smarter money management and how to invest for a secure financial future, for you and your family. Providing free resources, online courses and coaching services to get you growing your wealth.

I believe if I can teach you to change your money circumstances, you can then share this knowledge with your family. By doing that, together we can reach more and more people. It’s using the power of compounding, with people, to increase the impact of smarter money management, and less money stress.

The techniques and resources that I provide can be applied in any market at any time, so please engage with our site, share your success stories and most importantly enjoy the journey to being financially free.