SINCE 1997
Melinda Jennison

Melinda Jennison

Buyers Agent | Streamline Property Buyers

From a very young age I developed an interest in real estate because my parents were property investors, so I learnt a lot from the conversations that we often had growing up. I have been fortunate to have never rented, but instead I bought my first home in Brisbane at the age of 18. This was the beginning of my own property journey.

I’ve come from a research background, having completed a PhD in 2001. Instead of staying in academia I moved into real estate, with involvement in the building and construction industry and property development. Now as a buyers advocate and QPIA®, I use the skills I have acquired over the years to make evidence based property decisions, to accurately interpret data and translate that in an easy way for Clients to understand, and analyse all sorts of property deals for myself and others.

For more about me, tune in to the Property Investory Podcast with Tyrone Shum by clicking HERE where I share my story.