SINCE 1997

Ripehouse Acquisitions

In operation since 2011, Ripehouse has always focused on location, value and how to reliably target suburbs and properties set to deliver High Performance looking forward. With a nationwide perspective, Ripehouse uses technology to do the heavy lifting, scouring the corners of the country to find high performance properties. While Ripehouse was initially a tool used by DIY investors, the majority failed to act on the research in a timely manner and were clouded by emotion, which can often be the case when purchasing a property. The natural evolution of the software came to fruition in 2015 in the formation of Ripehouse Advisory; a buyers agency for buyers agents. Over the past 5 years, 70 + buyers agents have delegated their research and actual property selection to Ripehouse Advisory. Ripehouse Acquisitions is a buyers agency 2.0. We combine cutting-edge research with the human touch of a Ripehouse professional buyer and we are able to deliver outstanding client wealth outcomes.

Jacob Field

Chief Executive Officer