SINCE 1997
Chris Christofi

Chris Christofi

Chief Executive | Reventon

Chris has been in the property and investment industry since 1999. He has become a respected leader and is known for his accomplishments and passion.

He founded Reventon in 2005 with a personal ethos to help as many people as possible to reach their financial goals. Since then, the company has supported thousands of Australians to secure their future finances, and has sold billions of dollars of real estate.

With a strong belief in leadership, ethics and integrity, Chris works closely with the Reventon team each day to ensure that clients get the best results that work for them.

Chris holds an Australian Credit License and is one of the company’s Principal Licensees, with the ability to operate a full real estate office.

In addition to positions at Reventon, Chris is a Director and Partner at CHC Planning Solutions and Director of Reventon Snooker. Learn more about Chris at