SINCE 1997


Property Investment

Since Reventon was founded in 2005, we have become one of Australia’s leading investment and financial services companies. Throughout our journey, we have held a strong set of values that influence everything we do. Client experience: Client experience is at the top of our agenda. We invest highly in our team to ensure that your needs are heard, understood, and fulfilled. Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and honesty, to drive results and give peace of mind to our clients. Passion: We believe in what we do. Our driving passion is to create something meaningful and be recognised as the benchmark in our industry. Quality: We want to stand behind our results, so we put every effort into delivering high value, quality services that stand the test of time. Leadership: Our ethos is to lead by example. We are supportive of one another and treat our clients with the utmost respect, equality and dignity.

Billie Christofi

Finance Director

Chris Christofi

Chief Executive