SINCE 1997
Simon Pressley

Simon Pressley

| Propertyology

Incredibly driven, enjoys challenging the status quo to pursue better outcomes, a contrarian and a highly respected thought-leader.

Simon Pressley is founder and managing director of Propertyology and a Hall of Fame Inductee of Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Since before the GFC, Simon spends each day analysing the fundamentals of the property markets of every capital city and every regional location throughout Australia.

Having studied Australian real estate history to the nth degree, Simon has an intimate understanding of the complexities of property markets, the machinations of the numerous inputs, and the knock-on effect that human actions have on property markets. There is no university degree or training course which teaches these things.

When, during the onset of COVID-19, every single bank and a big bunch of economists were predicting the biggest downturn in Australian real estate history, Simon was the only person in Australia to correctly predict that property markets would actually boom and that it would only take a few months for that to occur.

“There are very few things on the planet which are more complicated than property markets. It will always be impossible for anyone to get it right all of the time. I have a winning-and-learning attitude for my role. Downturns and booms, the ability to understand the cause and effect of market performance in every location is what sharpens the focus for future forecasts.”

The below graphic contains a visual summary of some of Simon’s other thought-leading forecasts.