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What do API readers think of the magazine?  Here are a few responses from our November 2015 Reader Survey:

I chose API over other property mags because it had better feedback online [in forums] and was more popular…

Jason W, Endeavour Hills, Vic (Response #244)

I like the fact it’s just facts and data without any fluff… thank you for a great insightful magazine, it’s incredibly inspirational!

Liana S, Cranbourne, Vic (Response #369)

“I like the hardcore data and straight to the point articles. Other magazines are a bit loud and showy…

Brendon L, Darwin (Response #321)

API is ‘homegrown’ and not based on an internationally-based blogger’s perspective (as informed as it may be on ‘local’ market and their ups and downs). It’s accurate, reliable and honest, providing practical and realistic advice that I trust. It’s consistently an expertly produced and laid out publication…  I don’t really look at other property investment magazines, only API.

Christopher K, Craigieburn, Vic (Response #254)

I love the in-depth DataBank! I thoroughly read through my suburbs of interest every month. I also enjoy the hotspotting and profiling of other successful property investors.

Kristy McK, Baynton West, WA (Response #201)

Lots of interesting articles, mostly short and to the point. I only browse [other property magazines] at the airport if I need something to read on a flight (as I’ve already read yours). They are not as good.  I once saved $7,000 when I read an API article saying that you could claim a tax deduction for replacing an asbestos roof on your rental property. I had done this a few years ago and not claimed the deduction. I resubmitted my tax return and got a $7,000 additional refund. Should pay for API subscriptions for the rest of my life!

Miles Y, Camp Hill, Qld (Response #159)

I just started this year and API magazine has been extremely educational and inspirational…

Moira M, Georgetown, NSW (Response #371)

Well done on a great magazine!

Gary B, Mango Hill, Qld (Response #308)

You are great help and educator – have been for years to me. I’m always waiting impatiently to get the next issue in my letterbox and read it immediately. THANK YOU!

Mira M, Wentworth Falls, NSW (Response #259)

I have to say this magazine has really ignited my passion for property and keeps it burning! Keep up the good work!

Rosemary S, Glenelg East, SA (Response #265)

Thanks very much for the opportunity to give some feedback which I’m glad to say for me, is all positive. I love your magazine and online content!

Ann C., Marsden, Qld (Response #230)

Thank you for the magazine! I love reading it! Don’t stop doing what you do best 🙂

Amanda, NSW (Response #219)

Fantastic magazine with valuable information to help make more informed decisions and learn from others!

Melinda A, Ferntree Gully, Vic (Response #88)

I love your magazine. You are already way ahead of the others.  API does pretty much everything better than [other property magazines.]. I particularly like that it avoids promoting particular goods or services in its articles and is less likely to drift into advertorial territory than others.

Andrew B, Tarragindi, Qld (Response #84)

Thank you for providing a magazine with real life examples of success. Fantastic read and an inspiration to emulate.

Amanda E, Kingaroy, Qld (Response #32)