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Put an RSS property news feed on your website

Want to keep your website visitors coming back regularly? You need dynamic content. With just a few clicks, you can embed a news widget like this one:

… into your website. It’s fully customisable – it can be any size (height or width) or colour.

The content updates automatically every time we (API) add a news item, so your site is always displaying fresh, up-to-date content without any involvement from you. Once you’ve embedded the widget on your site it always shows the most recent news items and articles in the category.

You can create a news widget from any category of articles on our website. The one above is from our “Latest News” category, showing general property news from around the country. Other popular options are news from one particular State, or news relating specifically to renovation, small development, finance etc.

You can also change the title of the news feed, for example to include your company name.

Here’s an example showing only NSW news items, and with the title edited to a company name (Jones Realty):

Here’s how to create a news widget

Step 1 – Choose the category of news you want to display – for example, “Latest News”, “NSW”, “Property Development” etc – from the main menu bar at the top of every page. For example the “Latest News” category looks like this.

Then grab the news feed URL by clicking on the yellow RSS icon as shown below (this example is for “Latest News”):


The URL will be similar to: http://www.apimagazine.com.au/category/latest-news/feed/

Step 2 – Create your widget

There are heaps of free sites that will let you create RSS widgets for your website (just Google ‘RSS widgets’). For our example we’ll use this one – just click on it and put the URL into the “Add Feed” box.

This will look a bit like:


Step 3 – Copy the widget code into your web page

Once you’ve customised the widget to your preferences (size, colour, title etc.) you’ll see a box which says: Add this code to your webpage to display this widget.

Just copy that code into your webpage and that’s it – you now have an up-to-date news widget on your website.

Step 4 – Register with us so we can stay in touch.

Please fill out the form below so we know that you’re displaying our RSS news feed. We can contact you if we need to change anything about the feed (for example, the feed URL). And from time to time we might decide to reward companies who are displaying our news feed! We’ll keep your details completely confidential.

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