Editor's Note: November 2014

Super investment idea

Over recent months, I’ve had the privilege of attending homebuyer and property investor shows in Sydney and Melbourne. I spoke with many of our readers at these events and one investment idea seemed to collectively be on their minds – buying with their self-managed super funds (SMSF).

Some people were only in their early 30s and yet they were considering how they could best use their super to buy another property for their portfolio. So it appears that everyone’s buying property with super these days. And those with a SMSF are quickly discovering it can be an exciting way to increase their portfolio.

In fact, mix a new pad, with tax benefits, and it’s easy to see why SMSF is suddenly ‘sexy’ – well, at least to property people like us! But what are the pros and the cons of using a SMSF to expand your portfolio?

To help answer this question, in this issue of API, we discover the 10 super and 10 not-so-super rules to investing with superannuation to help you build property wealth.

Also with most sales markets across the country on the improve, we’re starting to see some softening in rental markets, with vacancy rates rising in many areas.

However, while we may all be happy with the capital growth our properties are currently recording, those investors chasing cash flow also rely on solid rent returns.

In this edition, we uncover the top 40 metro locations where rents are rising for houses and units. Some of the results might surprise you, and there’s one State that doesn’t appear in either list at all. And for good measure, we’ve also thrown in 160 more suburbs with the biggest rent gains.

I do hope you noticed our new-look last month, as well as our new segments for both beginning and advanced investors. This month, we launch My Big Fat Property Mistake, where an expert spills the beans on their deepest, darkest property blunder so you can learn from the error of their ways. Keep an eye out for more from property’s biggest names in the months ahead.

This edition also marks our 17th anniversary. November 2014 is the 165th issue of Australian Property Investor magazine, which is a wonderful milestone for everyone involved – and especially our loyal readers. I often speak to people who have been reading API since that very first issue way back in 1997. Seventeen years is a long time, not only in the magazine world, but also in the property market and API has been around to cover it all. We’re now into our second or third property boom, depending on which state you live in. And we still remain the number one property investment magazine in the country thanks to you, our readers! From all the team at API, a huge thank you for your continued support!

Until next month then, may your next property investment (either using a SMSF or equity) purchase be a super one.



Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall