Editor's Note: January 2015


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if we’re lucky enough we all grow old and some day we’ll even start to consider the r-word – that’s right, retirement. Some very smart people start thinking about the end of their working lives from the beginning, while the rest of us leave it for a few decades until we realise that we’re halfway through our career if we were to keep at it until we’re 65 or
even older.
While I love my job, working until I’m 65 or 70 doesn’t make me dance down the corridors of API singing “Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living”. In fact, I’d like to pull up my work stumps many years before that to write (potentially while wearing a kaftan) but how realistic is my goal? Well, if I rely on my superannuation, it’s about as likely as unicorns competing in dressage in the next Olympic Games, and winning gold while they’re at it.
But help is at hand. This month’s cover story outlines the strategies you need to achieve a very comfortable retirement. In fact, our How to retire on $200,000 in 10 years story (page 38) provides the expert tips to follow, no matter what your age, so your retirement is first, not second, class. It’s about accumulating at least 10 growth properties and the good news is that the process becomes easier with each well-researched acquisition. We also have one of our experts available to answer questions via our new online forum for the first two weeks of December so please check it out.
A new feature in the January issue is our Buyers’ Agent Brief, where we present three agents with a hypothetical scenario and get three different results (page 60). In this first example, a trio of Melbourne buyers’ advocates describes what would be the perfect investment plan to fulfil the real estate dreams of our ‘clients’.
This is the first issue of 2015 – and what a year it’s been! The market has been robust in most parts of the country and is tipped to remain that way, by and large, this year. So to help you better understand what’s ahead in 2015, our state section (from page 82) provides detailed forecasts for every state and territory. It makes for some very informative reading over the holidays.
The past eight months have been one of rejuvenation here at API. We’ve instigated a lot of positive changes, including new content and a new look, but if there are any stories you’d like us to cover please just let me know.
Until next month then, may your 2015 property investment journey (whether you buy in one state or many more) be fruitful over the long-term so you can have a very good life in retirement.



Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall