Editor's Note: March 2016


We write a lot about working towards your dreams in API. During my tenure, we’ve consistently reminded investors that as much as they need to make the very best buying decisions, they also need to have an exit plan.

We also regularly outline, through case studies of successful investors, how property investment can be a vehicle to living your dreams. Just like Cam and Al, who are two of the stars of our cover story How to Retire Younger and Richer this month, and who are two great, down-to-earth blokes to boot – even if they’re just about to start shooting their first feature film and are worth $50 million!

I’ve been investing for 10 years and have made a pretty good go of it during that time. My personal situation (being single with no dependants), means that I could perhaps be more aggressive with my purchases than other investors and I also always knew that, for me, it’s not about being the richest “spinster” in the graveyard.

So, this is my last editor’s note for Australian Property Investor. After 22 editions at the helm, I’m heading off into the great blue yonder to follow my dream, which is to be a fiction writer and blogger outside the property world.

And my property portfolio is the reason I can make this significant life change. I know my retirement is secure, and while not in the same league as Cam and Al, I’m happy with the numbers I’ve created for my future.

I leave the magazine in capable hands with API’s award-winning senior journalist Kieran Clair stepping into the editor’s role from the next edition. A wonderful writer and a property expert himself, I’m sure he’ll leave his mark on the magazine, as I hopefully have done in some small way, too.

I’ll still be around, though, as a freelance journalist for API, as I can’t fathom walking away from the mag or property completely, and I’m not quite financially secure (or old) enough to retire yet!

I’ve met a huge number of amazing people during my time at API, including so many loyal readers at the various property shows. I’ve had the opportunity to represent the magazine here and overseas, and to be part of the push for wider industry professionalism through my board position with PIPA.

I’d sincerely like to thank everyone for their support during my editorship and wish them all the very best in their investment journeys.

Until next time then (and in the immortal words of Kenny Rogers) may you always know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, or when it’s time to walk away.  




Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall