Editor's Note: August 2015


While we’re not in the game of crystal ball (and definitely not navel) gazing here at API, there’s a significant element of foresight required to be a successful property investor. Indeed, you need to almost be a property prophet to succeed.

Simplistically, we all understand that property generally increases in value because of the demand from our growing population. With this in mind, some investors adhere to the adage of ‘time in market’ rather than ‘timing the market’ and happily sit back and watch their equity grow as the years and decades roll on by.

But not everyone wants to sit on his or her laurels. In fact, there are a number of investors out there – happily they’re also mostly API readers to boot – who want to create equity faster. They want to manufacture quick equity so they can, in turn, grow their portfolio to create even more equity, which then allows them to add to their property pool again and again – comprende?

There’s a saying that your first property is the hardest and each subsequent one becomes easier as not only your knowledge grows but also your equity position. Another component of this is the ability to back your judgment and research, and not be deterred by naysayers who don’t ‘get’ property when the deal of a lifetime is right there in front of you.

Growing a substantial property portfolio takes guts and determination and not everyone has enough of either to make the grade in my opinion. 

In this issue of Australian Property Investor, our cover story speaks to three investors who are creating millions in equity by strategic buying, renovating, diversifying and most of all by believing in themselves.

In Fat Profits, Kieran Clair gets a better understanding of what it takes to make a million in equity so you can, too.

Also in the August issue of API, we meet a first-time renovator who made a whopping $200,000 on her first project in just four months! We talk to this month’s Renovation Profile Sydneysiders Leanne and Mark Beacom who’ve caught the renovating bug big time. We also look at suburbs where sales volumes are growing the fastest, uncover the signs of a property scam and learn from John Lindeman which seasons are the best to buy and sell property.

Until next month then, may your next property purchase create the opportunity to manufacture extraordinary equity so you can do it all over again. 




Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall