Editor's Note: April 2015


How do you define success? In the property landscape, as in life, the answer is different for every single person.

Some investors are happy with a handful of well-chosen properties, which over the long-term will provide some robust capital growth by retirement. Other less risk-averse investors take the financial bull by the horns each time their equity has increased and buy another property for their expanding portfolios. How many properties is right for you is a question only you can answer because everyone has a different definition of what a "comfortable retirement" means.

When it comes to success, there's no doubt that education invariably plays a key role. Whether it's formal, on-the-job or self-taught successful people have usually put in the hard yards to get where they are today. And when they find a successful formula, they generally try to stick to it. In this issue of Australian Property Investor, we've spoken to the experts to find out their secrets to investment success (from page 40) in this month's cover story. And interestingly, when things have gone awry, they say it's because they didn't follow their own successful strategy!
We also chat to two successful investors to understand the tactics they used to achieve investment riches!

Also in the April issue of API, we meet an investor whose strategy of buying affordable properties in high volumes has resulted in a 22-strong portfolio worth nearly $8 million! Turn to page 50 to meet this month's Investor Profile Jason Mak.

We also investigate off-the-plan markets in each major state to understand which areas are hot and which are definitely not. In this special report (from page 22), API provides all the information you need to decide whether new units should form part of your portfolio in 2015. We also delve into the foreign investor argument in our Great Debate on page 70. It's an emotive subject that can get quite heated, but what's the truth about foreign investment and its impact on the Australian property industry? API finds out.

I'd also like to congratulate API journalist Kieran Clair on being awarded the 2015 REIQ Best Real Estate Report in early February. A worthy accolade for a very talented journalist. Well done!

Until next month then, may your next property purchase (using your tried and true strategy for success) get you one step closer to your goal - whatever that may be.



Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall