Editor's Note: October 2014

For the love of the game

Successful property investing is a lot like sport. There’s oodles of education or training involved. You’ve got to understand strategy. And it also takes self-belief and dedication.

Few people know this better than The King, Wally Lewis, who spoke to API this month about his property investment journey for our State vs state cover story.

And according to Wally, it’s easy to draw parallels between sport and property investment. “The most successful in the game are the ones that read the play well,” he tells API. “That’s about being able to understand something is about to happen. It’s that five or 10 seconds before it actually takes place on the field.

“That five or 10 seconds on the field is probably like a couple of months in the property market.

“It’s those people who can correctly predict or correctly assess what the market value is and if there are any changes about to take place.” 

It’s fair to say that API readers love the property game, just as much as I do. They pore over property data, read everything about real estate, attend seminars and shows, while watching the market at the same time to hopefully successfully predict what may happen, or where will win, next.

One of the keys to successful property investment is diversification and this generally can involve buying in states or territories other than your own. However many investors have some fear about this given we all often know, and understand, our own patch the best. 

So to help alleviate this investment apprehension, API has found the number one state over the past year, but also which state or territory is likely to be on the podium next (page 38). Thanks to exclusive Onthehouse data, we’re also ranked the outsiders that may be languishing at the bottom of the table right now – a bit like New South Wales were before winning this year’s State of Origin – but may not be there forever.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed API’s new look this month! Even though we’ve been the number one national property investment magazine for nearly 20 years, we decided it was time for a small design renovation. We love it and we hope you do too!

Continuing a theme from last month, we also have new content for you including our How To series on page 20 which looks at feasibility studies, our new Fork in the Road story provides expert advice on two potential investment opportunities (page 26) and our Advanced Investor segment (page 66) which delves into commercial property leases. 

Our digital data supplement (page 123) includes sellers’ asking prices by postcode as well as top and bottom datasets across the country. Make sure you check it out.

Until next month then, may your next property investment (in your own or another state or territory) be an absolute winner.



Nicola McDougall

Nicola McDougall