Editor's Note: October 2015


Fortune favours the brave, but it also favours the persistent. The countless hours that our best sportsmen and women spend to reach the top of their games is the very foundation of their success.

As a child, I spent about 20 hours a week training as a gymnast. This kept me out of trouble for the best part of a decade (and taught me dedication and the ability to follow direction) but alas a gymnast’s career is not only short it’s also not at all lucrative.

However, the advent of professional sport in Australia about 30 years ago means that some of our brightest sporting stars are now paid handsomely for those decades of practice, though their careers generally are short, too. Sometimes their playing days are numbered due to injury or poor form. And even if they’re not, it would be a lucky player indeed who managed 15 years at the top of his game. So today’s footy stars are making the most of the moolah they earn during the heady heights of first-class football.

In fact, the support networks in their clubs mean they can now access the right advice to make sure they set themselves up financially for life after football.

With footy finals fever in earnest at this time of year, API is proud to have been given an exclusive insight into the property journeys of some of this country’s footy stars.

In this month’s cover story, Playing the Property Game (from page 40), API deputy editor Angela Young had the rare privilege of speaking with current and former NRL, AFL and soccer players to understand how and why they’re investing in property.

She also managed to secure a mid-season interview with Corey Parker who, as well as being this year’s State of Origin Man of the Series, has a real passion for property.

Corey also admits he’s learned plenty along the way and tells us about a few properties that he now realises he never should have sold.

Also in the October issue of API, we meet a renovating couple who made a huge $163K gain from a very problematic house.

From page 50, we talk to this month’s Renovation Profile Leon and Cat Webber, who walk us through their latest successful reno, which they completed in just five months after a rather inauspicious start.

And from page 68 we investigate the growing trend of renter-investors.

Until next month then, may you keep training your property nous through education and research (and attending open homes for a bit of fun, too!) to come out on top at the end.

Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall