Editor's Note: June 2015


I’ve just returned from our trip to Dubai and what an experience it was! The 2015 International Property Show bore many similarities to property investment shows here in Australia but there were also many differences. There were some very impressive stands – think two storeys with real windows as well as huge architectural models – and thousands of attendees from places far and wide.

As will be outlined in upcoming issues, we were certainly unique, with plenty of investors coming up to chat to Kieran and I throughout the three-day show. Our huge map of Australia with vital property and demographic stats, as well as our novelty clip-on koalas, was also very popular. We even ran into two API readers who’d made the long trek to the show from Australia after reading about it in our mag. A special hello to Stephen and Leon!

We’re close to deadline as I write this so there’s only time to give a quick overview of the trip in this issue (page 66). We’ll provide more insights in the months ahead so keep an eye out for those stories. 

In this issue of Australian Property Investor, our cover story (from page 40), has exclusive data from Onthehouse.com.au to find the hottest rental suburbs across the nation.

As Kieran writes, while capital growth is great, the difference between a loan approval and a knock-back is usually serviceability. He says experience shows that apart from scoring a pay rise or jagging a “set-for-life” scratchie win, the best move is buying a high-yielding investment.

 Australia has an embarrassment of options for investors, so how do you narrow down the search for those high rental hotspots? With our list of the best 296 rental suburbs in Australia, of course!

Also in this issue, we meet a renovator who made $100,000 from a spend of just $5000! Our inaugural Renovator Profile (from page 50) isn’t new to making money from smarted-up properties, but even she was surprised at the profit made from her latest venture.

We also meet some of the growing numbers of women in property development (page 22), investigate what the property market will look like in 2055 (page 36) and show you how to profit from industrial sheds (page 18). 

Until next month then, may your next property purchase (with a high and sustainable rental yield) provide the cash flow you need to keep growing your portfolio.


Nicola McDougall


Nicola McDougall