About API magazine

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to buy in the right area? How do they do it? What do they look for? What do they know that you don't? Where are they getting their information?

In Australian Property Investor you'll find:

Articles on specific regions, booming suburbs and potential hotspots

Where are the next boom suburbs? Whether you're buying a home or an investment property, API will help you make an informed decision by buying the right type of property in the right area to maximise your capital gains. 
In addition to insightful articles and market commentary, you'll also find a wide range of property statistics from respected sources such as Australian Property Monitors, RP Data and SQM Research.

Download sample articles (in PDF format):
Property hotspot - Port Phillip Bay, Vic (270KB). Download
Market Watch - data on house and unit prices and rental yields (990KB). Download

Profiles of successful investors

You'll learn exactly how ordinary, hard-working Australians just like you have achieved financial independence and often great wealth by astute property investments.

Download sample articles (in PDF format):
Gerry Gerrard (190KB) - A few short years after his investment journey began, Gerry came close to throwing in the towel. He held on, and good thing too - he went on to build an enviable property portfolio. Download
Mark Taylor (610KB) - Despite some stumbles along the way, Mark has created an incredible passive income of more than $100,000 per year from property. Download

Case studies of specific projects

Why sit back and wait for capital gains when you can create your own? In API you'll learn how investors have earned huge profits by renovating rundown properties, subdividing one block into multiple blocks, undertaking small developments and other hands-on techniques for rapidly building wealth. These articles are typically accompanied by financial data on the project's costs, revenue and profit.

Download sample articles (in PDF format):
Matthew Lewison (520KB) - This small development joint venture in Victoria gave everyone involved a very healthy profit. Find out how they pulled it off. Download
Cherie Barber (410KB) - Australia's renovation queen takes us inside the project that produced a $60,000 profit in just nine days! Download

NEW - increased coverage of small property development projects

Many API readers - including "mum and dad" investors on modest incomes - are making the jump into small development projects, like building small blocks of units or townhouses and subdividing land. We're now providing increased coverage of small development projects in most issues of API, including detailed financial information and fascinating narratives of the unexpected dramas and situations encountered along the way.

What else have you been missing?

If you haven't been reading API, here's a small selection of what you've missed:

API Hot 100

In November 2007, API celebrated its 10th birthday by launching the inaugural Hot 100, a list of the top 100 locations around the country hand-picked for their capital growth prospects. The latest flagship issue took a look at the areas most likely to benefit from the impending property market recovery. (API 147)

Retirement Strategies

Self-managed superannuation funds have exploded in popularity in the past few years, as savvy investors discover the benefits of directly investing in property via super. But where do you start? API explores the ABCs of SMSFs and meets Australians who've done it, exploring the pros and cons. (API 138)

Small Development Series

Brisbane developer Shane Hiscock embarked on a demolish, subdivide and build project in the suburb of Everton Park with an equity partner, and API was there to follow the endeavour every step of the way. (API 142 to 155)

Young Guns

Each month, API features the young guns of Australian property investment who are building up impressive portfolios.

Roadmap to Wealth

Ever had a hankering to get some specialised input on your position and property strategy? API offers real-life investors that opportunity every month by putting their cases to two experts for their overview. Download a sample article (in PDF format): Carly Coonan and Alastair Grubb (520KB) They're just beginning their married lives together but this couple is thinking long-term - 15 years down the track, to be precise.

Buying in a hot market

What's the best way to time the market? Experts reveal their tips and tricks for getting it right - knowing when to speculate and when to wait. (API 150)

Pump up the value

For investors and homeowners looking for capital growth, there are many ways to 'turn up' the value of a property, through renovation or other means. API explores the 10 ways to fake a million-dollar look. (API 144)

The Interview

The big names of property in Australia and high-profile individuals share their insights and approaches to property, as well as revealing a little of their own personalities, in The Interview. Recent interviewees include Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice, media personality and keen property investor Mark Bouris, iconic Australian Lindy Chamberlain and NRL legend Darren Lockyer.

Q and A

Each month, API puts reader questions to a panel of property experts and to investors previously featured in the magazine, allowing its readers to seek advice from some of the foremost property minds in the country - for free!

Many back issues of API are still available through our online store, though some issues have sold out.