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Expired: Real Wealth Australia

Strategic Approach to Investing in Property:

We strongly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to property investing.
We understand that what works for one student, doesn’t necessarily work for another, and so we don’t have a one-size-fits-all magic formula to property investing.
Every one of our students is an individual – they have individual goals, and their own individual financial circumstances – so each strategy is as unique as your finger print.
With this in mind, we work with every single one of our students to create their own investing strategy so that they can reach their financial goals without putting themselves under financial stress or lifestyle pressures.
By following their unique strategy and staying the course, our students will achieve their goals.

Expert Advisors and Support Who Understand Property Investing

We offer our students the opportunity to work with a broad range of experts who have a complete understanding of our strategy-based approach to investing.
From accountants, to mortgage brokers, to financial planners, and others – Real Wealth Australia has given a considerable amount of time to bring together the experts that our students can call upon.
A number of our students, past and present are still using the services of our team of experts because they are completely aware of how individual and unique each investor’s strategy is, and they are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Individual Mentoring from Successful Property Investors

Every single one of our mentors has come through our range of programs and they are successful investors in their own right.
We have selected our mentors based upon their own success as well as their demonstrated expertise in strategy based property investing.
Our students are given individual support and attention by our mentors, and given advice based upon the student’s investing strategy.
Mentoring sessions can be used to discuss any aspect of property investing, and many of our students will run a deal past the mentors to take their opinion on whether they should go ahead with it or not.
Our mentors will be honest, with no B.S. and will give you the feedback you require to grow as a property investor.

Immersive Education and Peer Learning to Strengthen Your Investor Knowledge

From boot camps to masterclasses and special seminars, our students have the opportunity to join our live educational events that are hands on and experiential.
These live events are intense and packed full of information and run over multiple days or the course of a weekend.
At our live events, students are not just listening to talks and just discussing theory. The content of these live events is matched with action taking – our students will be putting into action what they learn throughout the event.
During and after these events, students have the opportunity to connect with each other, share resources and engage in discussions that facilitate peer learning on all matters related to property investing.

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