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December 16, 2010

What the Henry Tax Review means for you

While many Australians may be aware of the Henry Tax Review, particularly its most controversial mining tax, few realise that it proposes radical changes to almost every property tax, including capital gains tax, negative gearing, stamp duty and land tax.


As a property investor, tax is crucial in determining investment return and strategy.

One of the biggest risks facing investors is change to laws. It’s a risk that needs to be managed.

The implications of the Henry Tax Review for property investors are potentially immense and, at the very least, you should be aware of what it has proposed, what’s been accepted and rejected by the Federal Government and what’s still up in the air. Read more →

July 23, 2010

Old vs new

When it comes to property selection, are there better returns for investors in old, established suburbs or new, up and coming areas?


Conventional wisdom holds that older, established suburbs outperform newer suburbs in capital growth. But newer suburbs deliver higher yield.

This is backed up by data. According to Australian Property Monitors (APM), for the past 10 years, prices for three-bedroom homes in inner suburbs, which are older, have risen by 92 per cent, middle suburbs by 73 per cent, and outer suburbs, typically newer ones, by 76 per cent.

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