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April 17, 2014

First homebuyers are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors

If you believed what you read in the papers you’d think that first homebuyers are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors, many of them from overseas.


After all, currently our property markets are booming and the chart below clearly shows that first homebuyers numbers, based on finance approvals, are at an all-time low, at a time when investors make up a significant proportion of the buyers.

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April 16, 2014

How the draft new Brisbane City Plan could make you rich

It’s amazing how just a little bit of extra research could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra equity or profit when it comes to investing. 


Investing isn’t rocket science, it just requires a bit of work. Those who do a little extra research could soon find their properties easily outperform the market, creating more equity or, for those who choose to sell, more profit. The capital city markets are rising across Australia. It’s an exciting scenario and, with interest rates so low, a fantastic time and opportunity for many of us to buy.

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April 14, 2014

Seven property negotiation questions to gain the upper hand

As property buyers, there are plenty of strategies you can use to gain the upper hand when you’re negotiating the deal. 


Remember, property negotiations aren’t always about price, as some vendors have other priorities they’re more focused on – and you can use this to your advantage.
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April 11, 2014

Busting the apartment myth

It seems that almost everybody has an opinion on real estate, with plenty of ‘armchair experts’ who are keen to weigh in on the debate – whether the topic at hand is old property versus new; regional versus capital city; inner suburbs versus outer suburbs; or apartments versus houses.


It’s that last, often discussed point that I want to focus on today. As you may know I’ve been investing in property for many years, more than I’d care to admit, and I recently noticed that I’ve been having a lot of the same conversations over and over again! For example, just last week I got into a robust conversation with a relatively new property investor, who was adamant that he’d worked out the secret to amassing a small fortune through property.
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April 4, 2014

Nine pearls of ancient wisdom for property investment success

Confucius say… “property investor looking to create wealth from real estate can learn much from ancient Chinese proverbs.”


Okay, so I’m not quoting Confucius verbatim, however the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosophers still ring true in today’s very different, modern world, and have clear application when it comes to the business of real estate investment.
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April 2, 2014

Size doesn’t always matter

Here at API we often do stories about people with big property portfolios. But size doesn’t always matter.


There are so many people who want to buy one property, per year, for the next 10 years. It’s a fantastic aspiration and there’s nothing wrong with having that dream at all. In fact, I’ve had the very same dream myself in the past and still love the idea of building a portfolio and holding 10 properties over time.
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March 28, 2014

Invest like Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is arguably the greatest investor of all time. He has a great track record of creating and maintaining his wealth through share investments, but many of his principles also apply to property investors.


So let’s look at some of Buffet’s investment principles and see how we can apply them to our property investing.
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March 26, 2014

It was those three words that saved my… property dream

There are three words that I just love to hear. One starts with ‘I’ and another with ‘L’. But it’s not ‘I love you’.


Lenders’ mortgage insurance. They’re the three little words that can dramatically get you started in investing and help you on your way to building a portfolio, especially in a hot market. It’s not complicated. But unlike Cheryl Cole and Will.i.am’s ‘Three words’ song, lenders’ mortgage insurance does seem to be underrated.

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March 21, 2014

This is a game changer for property

While nothing in life is guaranteed, there are many rational, logical, and understandable reasons to believe the value of well-located real estate will continue to appreciate over time.


Many factors like interest rates, employment levels, supply and demand and market confidence effect a country’s property prices in the short term. In the long term prices are driven by two main factors:
- Household formation – which is a function of population growth, and
- The wealth of the nation.
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March 19, 2014

Beautiful one day, perfect the next

A weekend getaway to Noosa was far more happening than I expected. Could this downtrodden market be the next best thing to heaven on earth?


There’s so much to love about Noosa. The lukewarm water in the month of March, the delicious breakfast at Bistro C, people watching at 10 Hastings Street (you know the one, with the chairs all facing the street) and the gorgeous national park with something I never appreciated before – a cement path to push a pram along!

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